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GMAT Essay Topic 563 - "When someone achieves greatness in any field ? such as the arts, science, politics, or business ? that person's achievements are more important than any of his or her personal faults." Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion stated above. Support your views with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.

Achievement or Personal Faults? Score: 5.5 December 7th, 2011 by
Actualizing the greatness in fields such as arts, science, politics, or business bring drastic change in human lives. It adds the value to the society, thereby, enhancing the life of people. As suc... Read more
When someone achieves greatness in any field ? such as the a Score: 5 September 22nd, 2010 by
No one in a right mind can undermine the significance of famous people’s achievements in arts science or other fields. Some may believe that because these people achieved such success in their life... Read more
achievements Score: 4 July 20th, 2010 by
In ageneral point of view, regarding the issue of either superiority or inferiority of personal faults vesus the prominent achievements , i should explicitly announce my favoritism toward the high... Read more

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Importance of Personal acievements vs Personal faults Score: 4 July 20th, 2010 by
The author argues that when somebody achieves greatness in any field, what are important are that person's achievements not personal faults. I partially agree with this viewpoint. Although the per... Read more
essey Score: 4.5 February 3rd, 2010 by
There are two points of view about the genious people and their main features. Some people believe that if person obtained great results and success his bad features and fallacies could be neglecte... Read more
The absence of choice is a circumstance that is very, very r Score: 4.5 December 10th, 2009 by
Some People argue that there are some circumstances in which we do not have choices. They mention some events such as wars and terrorist attacks. These events do not give us choices but to retaliat... Read more
Failure is the mother of success Score: 5.5 October 28th, 2009 by
Some people believe that success is obtained through the failure while others may disagree.In my opinion, mistakes can contribute to discovery and progress.This is because through the error that w... Read more
awa test for issue by Paul Score: 4.5 September 9th, 2009 by
Today ~ effect on ~. Thus, it would be worthwhile whether it is good for S to V. However, some people insist that S should not V but rather V, citing some problems. As far as I am concerned, how... Read more
faults Score: 5 March 8th, 2009 by
The speaker states that a person's achievements are more important than any of his or her personal faults, if he achieves greatness in any field. In my opinion, despite all the great achievements, ... Read more
greatness Score: 4 October 25th, 2008 by
In the opinion sated above it is said that big achievement by anyone in any sector, is of more relevance than the personal faults of that person. However this opinion is very unconvincing and it al... Read more
No title Score: 4 June 24th, 2008 by
The issue that states a person's professional achievements in any field are more important than any of his or her personal faults, seems coherent at the first stance. But when juxtaposed with use o... Read more
When someone achieves greatness in any field Score: 5 June 21st, 2008 by
The issue that person's achievements are more important than any of his or her personal faults is a strongly debatable one. On one hand, people might think that person's faults are blemish and cons... Read more
achieve essay Score: 3 June 8th, 2008 by
The issue stated above that Someone's achievement is more important than one's personal fault is flawed because it fails to address important aspects. Those important aspects are lsited below. F... Read more
Success Score: 5 May 7th, 2007 by
Perhaps in some instances the personal failings of great achievers are unimportant relative to the achievements. In many cases, however, the relative significance of personal failings can be very g... Read more
Achievements Vs Faults Score: 4 March 26th, 2007 by
If one has to achieve greatness in his/her career their thinking should be only regarding their destiny, not the path. So, there are chances of committing mistakes, being selfish etc., but ... Read more
one goal one dream Score: 4 January 29th, 2007 by
When we are kids, we dream over hundreds of things to achieve once we are adults. Usually, being an astronaut or a doctor are the topics of our dreams. As time goes by, we achieve different goals d... Read more

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