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GRE Essay Topic 376 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The way people look, dress, and act reveals their attitudes and interests. You can tell much about a society`s ideas and values by observing the appearance and behavior of its people."

No title Score:4.5 May 6th, 2016 by
Creativity, observing only at the intersection of individuals, domains and fields, is a process that is not only involved, in mental process, but also in culture and society.Memes carry instruc... Read more
Creativity and Society Score:4.5 May 6th, 2016 by
With regards to Creativity,it contains three main parts:the cultural context ,the social context and the individual context.Moreover,in this system,a cultural,or symbolic aspect is called the domai... Read more
No title Score:3.5 June 3rd, 2015 by
In this issue speaker says that, people try to emulate a great deal from role models. Whereas, people should think and act rationally by their own, understanding what is best fit to their own condi... Read more
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Be Descriptive, Clear and Simple2 Score:6 May 5th, 2015 by
The entire justice (and reward) system of our society is based upon the idea that an individual is responsible for his/her actions alone. We assume that we have a total control over our behavior, b... Read more
gre issue Score:4.5 August 20th, 2014 by
There is a famous saying that we should not judge a book by its cover. Same applies to humans and their relationships too. One should never judge a person by his overall appearance or how he carrie... Read more
No title Score:4.5 July 3rd, 2014 by
The apperance is the symbol of behaviour. People will follow a fashion based on the society and group they belong to. Groups usually follow a trend or a fashion in appearance to show a specific rel... Read more
Significance of Culture and Tradition Score:4 July 22nd, 2013 by
Our whole world is divided into different parts and each part having different culture and norms. The topic given rightly says that peoples face patterns, behaviour and their clothes show different... Read more
Personality of a person tells it all. Score:2.5 July 25th, 2012 by
In the present world it is very difficult to hide what lies benath us. It can be reflected through the way we speak,we dress and how we act with others. The other person can judge us very well base... Read more
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No title Score:4 November 22nd, 2011 by
A society,especially a liberated county,people share a kind of prosepct that the way the society members apperance as well as where their interests lies imply something people's inside.They abide i... Read more
Understand a society by observing the behavior and appearanc Score:5 March 21st, 2011 by
It's true that you can understand a society by observing the way people look, dress, and act. From this view of the point, I am definitely agreed on it. There're several ways to approve that the pe... Read more
0901 issue Score:5 September 1st, 2010 by
It is true that the appearance and behavior of people could reveal the values and ideas that have been cherished in a society. One can catch the spirit of the society simply by knowing what the peo... Read more
dressing Score:2.5 August 3rd, 2010 by
The technological tools we as a society have developed are not in themselves positive or negative, they are just that, tools. The uses,however, are definitely a different story. Computers, I b... Read more
fi Score:3 April 12th, 2010 by
I find the dual statement of the speaker suspicious on both counts. I would concede it insofar it means one can see people's attitudes and interests through the way people look, dress, and act and ... Read more
behavoir and society Score:5.5 March 18th, 2010 by
People always act according to things in their minds; dressings and appearance are also the reflection of a person's self-identification. Through the way people dress and behave, we can have a gene... Read more
The away people looks Score:5 August 13th, 2009 by
The author cites that the appearance, clothing and behavior of people reveal their attitudes, interests and the society's ideas and values. In my point of view, in most cases it is true that the ex... Read more
People can tell things from one’s appearance Score:6 July 30th, 2009 by
Although judging others from the outside is unfair, there are lots of implications, such as one's backgrounds, habits, concepts, values and inclinations, side by side with his outward performances.... Read more
the values and interest of people Score:5 May 5th, 2009 by
If we pay a little more attention in daily life, it is not too hard to find out one's attitudes, interests, values toward many different things, works, family or country as a whole, by looking at h... Read more
Dress shows who you are! Score:5.5 December 2nd, 2008 by
Clothes are just a cover of the skin, therefore, majority of societies disagree or oppose that the way their residents garb tells an idea of what the morals and ethics. A more diverse society will ... Read more
Appearance complements your knowledge and attitude Score:4 December 2nd, 2008 by
Some people cares a lot about appearance as the most important thing in life. While others care about attitude and ideas and think of it as the key to persue others. In fact, people should care abo... Read more
Understanding Social beliefs Score:6.5 November 13th, 2008 by
The statement above tells us that observing the appearance and behavior of one society's people are useful in understanding the ideas and values of a society. However, this statement seems too one-... Read more
society’s ideas and values Score:5.5 July 31st, 2008 by
Can we really tell much about a society's ideas and values only by observing the way people look, dress, and act? I consider this assertion works in certain types of societies rather than all of th... Read more
No title Score:3.5 January 25th, 2008 by
Some people think that the way one looks, dresses, behaves doesn't tell about one's preferences and attitudes. In addition, they are convinced that outside and inside looks are not connected to ea... Read more
No title Score:4 December 23rd, 2007 by
People form a society, so we can learn about a society's values and ideas from the people who forms the society. In my opinion, there are a lot of factors which gives hints about a society's cultur... Read more
The way people look, dress, and act reveals their attitudes Score:5 August 24th, 2007 by
It becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the significance of the role played by individuals in modern time. All the individuals constitute society that means we can research the appearance and ... Read more
das Score:5.5 August 13th, 2007 by
Is it possible for us to justify a single person or even a whole society by observing the appearance and behavior, or is it appropriate to do so? While I agree with the speaker that one could tell ... Read more
No title Score:4.5 August 11th, 2007 by
We are all familiar with the statement that ''first impression is the last impression''.There are some criteria which are very helpful to jugde or identify any person.The iss... Read more
ssss Score:5 August 4th, 2007 by
Does the way people look, dress and act reveal a society's ideas and values as well as their personal attitudes and interest? I concede that people's appearance to a great extent reflects their ide... Read more
insight a society by its people Score:5 July 31st, 2007 by
We could know a person's attitude and interest by his actions, appearances, and even the clothes he wear. How to judge a country, The standard is the people living in it. So, can we conclude that w... Read more
appearance is as important as character Score:5.5 January 3rd, 2007 by
Several centuries ago, girls dressed up with costumes, when they were invited to daily formal party, a bit shy to talk to boys. And several decades ago, girls were encouraged to dress for convenien... Read more
The dressig as an identity Score:4 September 11th, 2006 by
Man preferably lives in groups and calls it social life. We all would have to agree that our everyday acting is mostly a declaration of our individuality in the group. The dressing is a part of our... Read more
September 11, 2006