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TOEFL Essay Topic 171 - Imagine that you are preparing for a trip. You plan to be away from your home for a year. In addition to clothing and personal care items, you can take one additional thing. What would you take and why? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

Educate children Score:5 December 3rd, 2017 by JIAQI WANG
There is no doubt that this is an age of information. When the rapid development of Internet has brought us a great amount of convenience to our life, it also arouse wide debate on many aspects inc... Read more
Preparing for a trip Score:5 October 11th, 2017 by Nazbanu
Preparing for trip is the hardest part of it. I admit that it is a tough decision to choose necessary items because carrying all stuff is a hinder in the trip. Although for some people it may seem ... Read more
If I leave home for a year Score:3.5 July 23rd, 2017 by DD
 If I leave home for a year and can take only one additional thing besides clothing and personal care items, I will take my mobile phone. There are several reasons to support my idea.  First, I... Read more
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womwoemowm Score:2.5 September 26th, 2016 by
I disagree with this statement. There are many famous fictional books and novels throughout the history of literature that have been incredibly influential. To say that “fiction is just another n... Read more
One important thing! Score:4.5 January 7th, 2016 by
Everyone would like to visit some place and for that reason people are carrying with them their primary stuff. If I am planning to go to trip for one year away from home with clothes and personal c... Read more
Chaco Canyon Score:4.5 October 23rd, 2015 by
The author of the reading passage presents three possible theories that how Chaco Canyon were used. However, the professor casts doubt on this by disproving each theory.The first theory mention... Read more
The smartphone and its real uses Score:4 October 12th, 2015 by
If I have to imagine that I am preparing myself for a trip I know that I will have to bring with me for sure my smartphone. Too many people think that the cell phone made us slaves of the technolog... Read more
One year trip 2 Score:3.5 March 20th, 2015 by
Preparing for a One year trip should be a convoluted task. I would rather take my entire apartment with me, but it is unfortunately impossible. Therefore, beside my clothing and my personal care it... Read more
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Away from home Score:5 January 10th, 2015 by
People travel around the world for a plethora of reasons: job experience, vacation, family or friends and many others. They stay abroad for a few days, for months or for years. If I was to take o... Read more
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Paren Score:1 December 5th, 2014 by
People attend college or university for various reasons. Some attend college to gain knowledge in their respective field. Some people consider college as a place which can take their career to next... Read more
Children’s part-time job Score:4.5 November 1st, 2014 by
With the rapid development of science and technology, people's life quality is increasing unceasingly. More and more parents start to worry about their children's entrance to adult lives. When it c... Read more
sfdwjkbfnwed iue ieufh ieu Score:4 October 15th, 2014 by
Around the world, there are thousands of living beings living and surrounding the our environment. People are so great that they could make wild animals feel the meaning of love and real friendship... Read more
Best pals, paper and pen Score:6 August 5th, 2014 by
The best way to record scene is definitely camera, while the best choice of memorizing the feelings and moods is literature. And what combines these two together? It's a note book, on which you can... Read more
No title Score:5 March 16th, 2014 by
Being far from home for a long time needs consideration about what we are taking with ourselves.We need to take something which is too necessary in a way that without it,life is too hard for us. If... Read more
No title Score:4.5 January 8th, 2014 by
When it comes to this issue, a great and hectic debate is taking place according to people preferences, tendencies, and point of views. Some people prefer to take their pets as they cannot live wit... Read more
Preparation for the trip Score:2.5 November 28th, 2013 by
For many years people going to travel. They discovered different places on the Earth. Today travaling is not way of life or type of work. For almost it is an entertainment. Also good preparation fo... Read more
No title Score:5.5 September 30th, 2013 by
Being far away from my home could be very difficult for me especially when it takes longer than one year. When it comes to choosing one thing while I am leaving my home, I could take my lap-top com... Read more
Internet Score:4.5 August 20th, 2013 by
Traveling away from home is one of things that requires much planning.Let's make believe that I am preparing for a one-year trip, besides clothings and personal items, I would take my laptop along ... Read more
No title Score:4.5 March 15th, 2013 by
If I can go to trip to somewhere during a year, I would like to bring a video camera. As the most important reason that why I take it, I want to memorize obviously what is happen there, when I go t... Read more
will cars in use decrease? Score:4 August 11th, 2012 by
According to some survey, it points out that one person has around one point five cars in average today. It is a surprising fact. In the sense, many people believe that the amount of cars will incr... Read more
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The m Score:4.5 January 31st, 2012 by
There is a hotly debated issue of whether the most important problems in today¡¦s world will be solved in our lifetime, and this topic can be approached from several angles due to its complexity. W... Read more
No title Score:5 November 24th, 2011 by
In the colleges and universities people go for higher education: it does not only depends on pedantic hours with books and libraries but also extra curriculum activities like sports, social works... Read more
No title Score:2.5 November 4th, 2011 by
It has both advantages and disadvantages when being well-informed with many different news sourse. I support getting many different news sourses, because various vewer facet could make the events c... Read more
the thing I want to bring for a year long trip Score:4 November 2nd, 2011 by
People will have different decisions about which additional thing they can take if they are preparing for a one year trip due to its complexity. Some people may take the album full of photos of the... Read more
trip assay Score:4.5 September 20th, 2011 by
When you are going to be out for a long time it is better to choose light weight things which have more usage in long time in that case i want to have my net-book. on the one hand the net-book is n... Read more
trip Score:5 August 30th, 2011 by
Traveling alone is always exciting and interesting. On the one hand, one can decide his destination freely and won¡¦t be constrained by schedule of group. On the other hand, one may encounter dange... Read more
A Good Choice for the Trip Score:5 August 19th, 2011 by
Views differ when it comes to the issue of what to bring to the trip except for clothing and care things. Some people believe that the entertaining things such as video games are required. On the o... Read more
I agree that it is better to discuss upsetting or controv Score:1.5 August 16th, 2011 by
First of all, using telephone or voice-message can made less misleading. Take myself as an example. My boyfriend and I usually have a chat before the sleeping time. Initially, we chatted on the MS... Read more
No title Score:5 April 8th, 2011 by
Opinions and views always differ greatly when it talks about the topic of whether the parents can use money as a reward to help kids learn more and get high scores. A portion of people assert that ... Read more
Imagine Score:4.5 March 10th, 2011 by
Traveling away from home is one of those things in life that requires planing. Specially when we plan to move to a place for a year. Although, we would like to take as much as possible, there is ... Read more
March 10, 2011