Should universities give the same amount of money to sports’ activities and libraries

TOEFL Essay Topic 36 - Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people`s lives. * automobiles * bicycles * airplanes Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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As the society progresses, people attach significance to education. There arises a question: should universities give the same amount of money to sports' activities and libraries? The answer may vary from person to person. Minority of the public may think schools should pay more attention to the ...

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Thanks to the advance of technology, people's lives have changed dramatically in the last century. The development of transportation systems such as automobiles, bicycles, and airplanes is especially a drastic change. However, I strongly believe that among these transportation vehicles, airplanes have changed our lives most. There are several reasons to support my opinion.

First and foremost, an airplane has made our world a smaller place. We can travel to distant places easily owing to this vehicle. Before the airplane was invented about 100 years ago, travelling to a far place takes lots of time and energy. There was no choice but to use ships or trains, and it sometimes took several days. However, after the appearance of airplane, people became able to travel much faster. For example, if someone wants to travel to Europe from Japan, it takes more than a month by a ship, but he can save almost all day if he flies. This is because a ship is slower and cannot go straight to the destination although an airplane can go directly to the place.

Second, people made their dreams to fly come true by inventing airplane. From a long time ago, people wish to fly like a bird and made much effort for doing this. For instance, there is a well known Greek myth about Ikaros. He tried to fly by producing wings from wax but never succeeded because the wax melted by heat when he reached near the Sun. As this story shows, flying to the sky like a bird was people's dream for a long time. However, in the 19th century, Right brothers succeeded in flying by an airplane and the research to transport people over the sky developed. Thanks to this, we can now take airplanes and feel the happiness of flying.

In conclusion, I insist that an airplane has changed our lives the most.

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