Should the government preserve old buildings or build new ones?

TOEFL Essay Topic 65 - Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Should the government preserve old buildings or build new ones?

People often hold different perspective on whether the government should preserve old buildings or build new ones. Based on my personal experience and observation of life, I strongly argued that the government should preserve old buildings.

First of all, the government should care about the history, and preserving old building can help the government preserve the history. For example, several countries in Asia have the history as colonies. Colonizers come from western countries built the western style buildings in the colonies. That is why nowadays there are so many western style old buildings in Asian countries like Vietnam and India. Also, these western style buildings are cultural heritage of the colonial history.

Secondly, the government is concerned about the budget, but building new buildings costs a great deal of budget. For example, the Taiwanese government built the famous skyscraper named Taipei 101. To build Taipei 101, it needed to hire so many engineers, architects and workers. Also, the building materials for Taipei 101 were expensive because they were all imported from France. Actually, the government spent about 300 million US dollars to build Taipei 101. Apparently, building new buildings really spends a lot.

Last but not least, the government should put emphasis on residents, and preserving old buildings can show how much it cares about them. Actually, residents have profound sentiment for old buildings. For instance, there is an old train station built about 100 years ago in the city I live, and the government preserves it well. Among 100 years, countless people get on and off trains and many stories about separation and reunion occur at this station. Needless to say that this old train station is an emotional symbol for residents. As a result, the government should preserve old buildings to satisfy residents’ need.

In conclusion, the government should preserve old buildings, rather than build new ones. That is to say, since the government cares about the history, budget and public perception. It is needed for the government to preserve old buildings.

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