Should Bussiness do anything they can to make profits?

TOEFL Essay Topic 58 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Businesses should do anything they can to make a profit. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.

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Should Bussiness do anything they can to make profits?

Customers are different all over the world but when people have their own bussiness the main goal for them is to win money. They can make a living with this money, have extraactivities and trip with their family.

When you decide to own your business building , the main goal is: Win money! Why? You could, with this money, rent or buy a house where you and your family could live.Your home will need to have some furnitures and it’s not free. If you have children, this one will need clothes, games, and so one. Furthermore , you should buy foods too.You really need to make prrofits if you want to survive but there is others reasons.

When you win enough money you can enjoy in your free time.As soon you don’t work you can go to your tennis , golf or others courses.See your friends in the coffee shop or go to the cinema. All this activities are not free and if you make profits you are allow to enjoy.

Your bussiness work could take a lot part of your life but when you are tired after a hard year, you can take one week or two and go in foreigner countries because you made enough profits. At this time you frolic sand, sea and sun. You are proud of your work, this is the fruit of your work.

To sum up business should absolutely do anything they can to make profits because they do profits to make a living, do some activities and also go travelling. More they win better it is…

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