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  1. Topic 1239 - Some people believe that to protect local culture, tourism should be banned in some areas whereas others think that change is inevitable and banning tourism will have no benefits. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. Read | Write
  2. Topic 1136 - Some people think that teachers should be able to ask disruptive children to leave the class. Do you think it is the best way to deal with a disruptive child in the classroom? What other solutions are there? Read | Write
  3. Topic 1271 - You are studying a short course in another country. Your accommodation was arranged by the course provider. There is a major problem with the accommodation. Write a letter to the course provider. In your letter: *Say what the problem is. *Describe the accommodation you thought you were getting. *Ask the provider to solve the problem. Read | Write
  4. Topic 1216 - Every culture, throughout time, has recorded its history in one way or another. In what ways can history be passed on to the next generation? Why is history important to society? Read | Write
  5. Topic 1260 - Some people with a good education and experience in their field decide to move abroad to work. Why do you think that is? What problems does this cause? Read | Write
  6. Topic 1061 - Financial education should be mandatory component of the school program. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Read | Write
  7. Topic 1059 - Popular events like the football World Cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way. Read | Write
  8. Topic 733 - The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. Give reasons for your answer. Read | Write
  9. Topic 1052 - To what extent should universities function as training grounds for employment? Read | Write
  10. Topic 714 - Write to the agency officer and complain about the rent car which has sth wrong. Tell them the problems of the car you rent from the agency and your requiring. Read | Write
  11. Topic 1085 - Artists need a certain amount of freedom to develop their creativity. Some people think that artists should have total freedom to express any thoughts and ideas. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Read | Write
  12. Topic 1177 - Everyone should adopt a vegetarian diet because eating meat can cause serious health problems. Do you agree or disagree? Read | Write

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