Schools are for student’s overall development.Be it physical

IELTS Essay Topic 1011 - Should sports classes be sacrificed in High School so students can concentrate on Academic subjects?

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Schools are for student’s overall development.Be it physical

The person who wants to become successful in his life, he might have an inspiration from someone’s life.That someone reflects the image of an ideal in his or her life. Today , no one can deny that a massive number of youths are the followers of sportsperson.They are the admirers .These are the youngsters ,who see themselves in a position which they admire most, in their near future.For this ,they start practice from the very early age so that they can become more skillful in their jobs.Eventually they become passionate.They love their sports activities.

There is no doubt that academic knowledge is important.It makes us intelligent and wise.literacy is a key to wisdom.If we are educated we lead a respectable life in society.Needless to say,a large number of benefits ,one can have.But the question arises the importantance of sports over academic this regard I would like to direct the attention towards the ambition of a student.The love and passion of students towards sports.The dreams ,where they see themselves in the feild ,playing on national and international level.By this one can easily presume that how intense the passion is.And if we want an overall development of a child then how can we ignore the inbuilt love and passion inside them, for sports.This is truly unjustful.

The schools should have joyous environs.Not only academic education is mere important.There is a need of quality education which enables them physically , mentally and socially active.This is a fact that sports activities have the capabities to invoke this qualities in an intense manner.We cannot make a student active if we align restrictions.Instead we should provide an friendly environment.

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