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GMAT Essay Topic 575 - "Schools should be responsible only for teaching academic skills and not for teaching ethical and social values." Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion expressed above. Support your point of view with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.

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In the above proposition, the speaker takes an absolute stand that schools should restrict themselves with imparting only academic skills and distance themselves from teaching social and ethical values. In my opinion, it is in the best interest for any civilized society that schools must deliver ...

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The issue of whether or not school should responsible for teaching ethical social values. While each side has its strengths and weakness, I believe that school should be responsible for teaching values, because schools have an obligation to give knowledge with students in all areas. Furthermore, schools are a best equipped to teach value.

To illustrate my point, let us take a look on why some people dislike the idea of schools is responsible for teaching values. First at all, they claim that parents should play role for teaching ethical and social values. This point is flawed; because it may parents has not enough time or knowledge for do this. Furthermore, parents' manners may are not according to values, which students should learn. Second, opponent states that curriculum already full, and schools have not enough time to allocate for teaching morality. Although, it may be correct, student now are learn some values in schools indirectly. For example, students know that they should abide rules, respect other rights, and do not cheat.

A further point we must consider is that schools have a duty to prepare students for the adult life. It is quite normal that schools teach fundamental knowledge like reading, mathematics, writing, because they are important. Ethics and social values have a great impact on student life in the future. I think that small instance can give some light to this topic. A person who regards stealing is acceptable has a different life with a person considers stealing is an dis-valued. As we all know, a first person plays a destructive role in the society. So, schools should be involved more for teaching ethical values to students.

Apart from points I made above, schools is a best equipped for teaching values. It is known that the school is an influential organization that shapes children's characters. A person goes to schools when they are a child and studies there until he will be a teenager. From psychological angle, people in these years are more flexible to learn more as well as accept moral principles. As a result, the use schools and academic systems are effective approach for teaching values.

In conclusion, I strongly agree that schools plays primary roles for teaching morality and social values to students. I take this position because schools have a responsibility to prepare students for the real life, and have striking effect on students. For these reasons I think that schools should be responsible for teaching ethical and social values.

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