GRE Essay Topic 353 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Scandals-whether in politics, academia, or other areas-can be useful. They focus our attention on problems in ways that no speaker or reformer ever could."

Author: Basma Hashmi | Date: August 14, 2018 | Score: 5

Every person holds a very important place in a society and their actions towards the laws and norms effect the whole system in numerous ways.Its vital to play a positive role in order to create a constructive environment for individuals.As much as optimistic and genuine opinions have a great impa...

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Scandals are important or not Score: 4.5 March 7th, 2017 by yosella

The issue of whether scandals are important in letting us focus our attention on problems in ways that other formal ways like reformers or public speaker could do is a contentious one. I believe that there are situations and conditions that scandals could help to take focus on problems while it is also true also that there are some other situations where by transformers and speakers are preferable in bringing change.

The first area whereby scandal could be preferable to unveil problems and could lead the way for better work is in politics. In politics, for examples, in countries that run democratic elections, there will be independent observers and representatives of electorates who take look at how the voting process is being undertaken. They are placed not at all voting stations but at random places. They are important so as to validate the process of the voting and make sure that there is no any scandal during the voting.This is one way of determining if there is any sort of cheating by parties who in case wins ,could lead the country. If there is any scandal, the winner will lose the faith by the public and the scandal will lead to focus for how to make free and fair election.

The other area where by scandal is vital is in public administrations at a higher level. Mischievous leaders and ministries are usually relieved of their duties once they are exposed of any scandal and even could face trials. Such way of action helps the public focus its attention on wrong doings that are being undertaken in the country. Such actions are usually a tool by which a country calls attention the need for a good governance to the public. This way proves one area where scandals are important in calling attention to problems.
On the other hand, there are areas where by scandals may not be a way for calling focus on problems and where by teachers and reformers could be a useful tool. For example, in a city of Addis Ababa whereby at a certain time trashes where here and there in the city and the vegetation cover was low, the action of individual reformer who had to teach about the problems and take actions by themselves so that others will follow their exemplary act was important. For such cases scandals would have low significance in raising the awareness of the people and take a look at the problem in hand. Rather, the activities of teachers and reformers were important to call for attention on the problem .Therefore, this could be one area in which teachers and transformers could be more valuable than scandal.

In general, there are times and conditions in which scandal could be important in bringing attention like on ensuring free and fair elections and good governance while transformers and teachers could be more important in situations like calling the public attention in social problems as in cleaning initiatives.

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