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IELTS Essay Topic 1063 - In some countries children have very strict rules of behavior, in other countries they are allowed to do almost anything they want. To what extent should children have to follow rules?

Author: Dane | Date: March 27, 2018 | Score: 6.5

Recent decades have witnessed a great deal of positive alterations in the overall contour of established norms in our societies of what acceptable conduct should mean and how children must be treated in relation to such norms of behaviour. The science of psychology in particular has contributed a...

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Children’s behavior Score: 4 October 13th, 2016 by

It's irrefutable that children are vulnerable and need to be under strict control every time they do something or go somewhere. Due to that reason, their parents play a significant role in forming their understanding what is right and what is wrong. While growing up children can change their behavior, nature, temper rapidly. I am inclined to believe that children should do what they think it is right for their understanding of that problem or case, but every single step of children must be under control of parents.

First of all, children are strongly curious of anything around them, namely they would like to know everything in details. Therefore, if people or parents will make all things are forbidden to their child, then children will not definitely follow this rule, but in addition children will try to find a time or way to reach that thing anyway. In my point of view, parents need to let them learn things by themselves, give them a try to experience it through themselves. Ultimately, children will clearly see and understand the main point and next time they will not do that again.

On the other hand, I would argue that there are general rules for children which they have to follow in any situation. For instance, as a little child they need to respect elderly, because they are old people who dedicated all their conscious life working because of their family and children, in the meantime they should respect those who are younger than them. Children can not say or even do any harmful words or things to their friends and family. However we say these rules are for children, but it can be applied to all people not only to children.

It seems to me that instead of just judging your children or banning to do all things people should teach them via all types of situations whether these situations are good not. For example, your child received a bad mark at school.
What would all parents do?
In that case, most of all parents will be disappointed and immediately will start shouting or even beating their children, which is not correct in my point of view. Parents just should explain to their children that it is alright to have bad days, bad marks or bad situations. The main is to learn something good from each bad situation in order to make it perfectly next time. In fact, this could be the main rule for both parents and children.

To put in a nutshell, I pen down saying that we are not able to avoid our children from harmful situations, therefore we should not have strict rules to children. But all we can do is just let them learn what was good in each situation no matter how hard was the situation is.

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