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TOEFL Essay Topic 12 - Many people visit museums when they travel to new places. Why do you think people visit museums? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Response to Topic 12

In travling to a new place, visit the museum is the priority of the travlers. Travlers eager to visit museum. Ther are many reason.

Museums are the place that keep old and untique staffs. Those staff which is keeping in a museum, are the reflecters of an era and a period of time. In that period people who lived ued those staffs as tools or maby used as fishen staffs. Museums are the enriched tressure of untiqe staffs.

People like to see those things that tell them the style of live of people who lived in a period of time. Forexample if we visit London Museum we will visit alot of ancient things which are very valuble. they are valubel because they are very ancient. People visit museum to see how many ancient staffs and antiqes are keeping in. They want to know how much are the price of those things. For example in london museum an ancient and more valuble staff is being kept. That is called Brillian Mountain which brought from India during the colony time.

It is not doubtfull that all staffs are keeping in a museum reflect the culture and the art of poeple who lived in the past. Temples, dishes, fighting tools, some shoses, some cloths etc were used in period of time. Maby those staffs blong to tow thausands year ago. Nawadays they are valuble. And they tell as about the culture and art of that period.

Visiting a museum would give the travlers more knowlegde about the past and the learn more about the culture and art of people who lived in a spesific period. Travlers will be faced with interesting, valuble and ancient staffs by visiting museum.

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