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GRE Essay Topic 290 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "When research priorities are being set for science, education, or any other area, the most important question to consider is: How many people`s lives will be improved if the results are successful?"

Author: Dong Rui | Date: August 8, 2007 | Score: 5.5

Is the most important question about research the improving of people's loves? The speaker claims so especially the priorities are being set for science, education and any other areas. However, in my opinion, progress is the most important termination in most areas, not to comfort our lives. F...

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Research in the field of science or education is always done with a greater purpose in mind. The purpose is to improve the society, to enable progress of human race. Hence it is important that research should be prioritized by the number of people's lives it improves

Scientific research has enabled the technological advancement of mankind. But there have also been inventions which have left a disastrous impact. One such invention is the atomic bomb. The sole purpose of the atomic research was to annihilate the enemy. The wounds of Hiroshima and Nagasaki show the dark side of research. The invention of hydrogen and nuclear bombs has only put millions of more lives at risk. If research was prioritized according to the number of lives improved, the world would have avoided the Cold War.

This also calls into questions some of the billion dollar research being carried out today like the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The potential ramifications of the research include the creation of a black hole which could wipe out the entire solar system. It is important that we question the need to commission such research when there are millions dying due to starvation in Africa. Rather that focusing our resources on abstruse theories, they can be redirected to improve people's lives.Research of the means to eradicate poverty, disease and hunger should be prioritized to provide equal benefits to the unprivileged sections of the society

It is true that the impact of all research cannot be quantified. But prioritizing research according to the number of lives it affects will be more beneficial in the advancement of humans

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