Replacement; Good or bad for business

GMAT Essay Topic 520 - The following appeared in a memorandum from the business office of the Lovin' Cupful, a national restaurant chain. "The Lovin' Cupful franchises in our northeast region have begun serving customers AlmosT, a brand new powdered instant tea, in place of brewed tea. Waiters report that only about 2 percent of the customers have complained, and that customers who want refills typically ask for ?more tea.' It appears, then, that 98 percent of the customers are perfectly happy with the switch, or else they cannot tell powdered instant from brewed tea. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the lower price per pound of AlmosT, all of our restaurants should begin substituting it for brewed tea." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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Replacement; Good or bad for business

The argument says about the result of replacing brewed tea with brand new powdered instant tea name “Almost” in the Lovin’ Cupful franchise of north east region. The waiters have reported that only about two percent of the customers have complained. And customers want tea for refill. Therefore the author has suggested to substitute the lower price Almost tea for brewed tea in all of the restaurants. Even though the author has a good suggestion but the reasons stated in the argument has following flaws.
First of all, the argument has not mentioned anything about the previous complain rate. How many customers used to complain when the restaurant used to serve brewed tea? The customers may not be complaining at all previously. That means the complaint rate may be lower than what it is now. Therefore it is not justifiable to say the instant tea has been appreciated by the customer.
Moreover nothing has been mentioned about people preferences in beverage. A large number of the customer of the restaurant may prefer tea to any other beverages. In that case the other ninety eight percent people will not mind serving any kind of tea unless it taste like tea. Further ninety eight percent people are perfectly happy. This may be because they prefer tea. And they do not mind if it is brewed or powdered instant.
Secondly, the author has not provided any data regarding rise or fall of number of customers. There may be rise in the number of customers which would make the replacement of brewed tea a success. But if the number of customers has been decreased then there will be no point in replacing the brewed tea. Moreover the author has not mentioned any time frame in which the reaction has been observed. There may be chances that such observation lasted for a few days. And thereafter there would have been reverse trend.
Finally, the author has made a judgement that if the replacement is success in one region then it will be same for other. It may be or may not be. People of other regions may prefer other beverages. Therefore assuming it will be successful make the argument weak.
Therefore to strengthen the argument, the author should have provided a detail of the customer’s preferences, increased or decreased in their number and also previous complain rate. Further a detail information about other regions preference of beverages would have make a point for the argument.

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