Regarding Zoos

TOEFL Essay Topic 153 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A zoo has no useful purpose. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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Regarding Zoos

Although there are some negative aspects of zoos, I strongly disagree with the idea that a zoo has no useful purpose. Zoos provide us with an opportunity to interact with many various animals which is very precious for us, especially for children. In addition, in the recent world, zoos take important role for preserving number of wild animals.

In recent modern world, we are exploiting a number of lands or forests and expanding area where we can live. These activites enable us to have a better life and improve our quality of our daily life. However, on the other hand, it has to say that many people have been losing a chance to touch nature and to meet to wild animals. Especially for children, decreasing a chace to play around in wild fields and to experiece many wild animals or insects might give negative effect to develop their compassion ability. Further, even adults can reflesh by spending time with animals. Accordingly, it can not be denied that zoos takes important role for us.

Furthermore, zoos contribute not only for human being, but for animals. As mentioned above, in thse days, decreasing number of several kinds of wild animals has been one of the most serious issues. For some animals, unless we make effort to preserve animals, these animals might not be able to survive. Shielding these animals in zoos is one of the effective means to save these animals. Considering these facts, without doubt, we can say that zoos in these days are taking important role for preseriving wild animals.

As mentioned above, zoos give a precious opportunity to touch many various wild animals which is getting more importance for in recent world. In addition, zoos is very helpful to conserve diversification of the nature. Accordingly, I can not support the opinion that a zoo has no useful purpose.

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