Recently there has been much debate about which part of an enterprise is the most important, process or final

GMAT Essay Topic 561 - "In any enterprise, the process of making or doing something is ultimately more important than the final product." Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion expressed above. Support your point of view with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.

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Recently there has been much debate about which part of an enterprise is the most important, process or final product. It is quite thought-provoking indeed. The author claim that process is the most important part a laudable statement, but ultimately a misleading one. Obvioulsy the author unnece...

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In an enterprise, the process of making a product though important is trumpted by the final product that is created by using the process. Ultimately it is the final product that the consumers are going to buy. Most consumers would not even be aware of the process that was used to design the product they use, their decisions are based upon the utility of the product to them with respect to the price they pay for it. I will illustrate the importance of the final product using some examples.

First let us consider the case of Microsoft Zune HD and the Apple iPod Touch. Eaach product has been designed by one of the biggest technology company of the the present day. They both used similar market research and similar design methodology to come up with products that are used for listening to music and watching videos. Yet the market share of the iPod touch is much more than that of Zune HD. This difference arises from the differences in the final product that determines the consumers final decision to purchase the product rather than the design and manufacturing process that is used to get the product to market.

Second let us evaluate a non-manufactured product such as a search engine. Bing from Microsoft and Google from Google are top two search engines today in terms of the market share. They were both created by engineers who come from similar colleges and get similar pay (as per the findings of Glassdoor Inc, a human resource research firm) by using similar design methodlogies. Though their primary task is to enable users to search the internet, Google search has more than thrice the market share of Bing search primarily due to its simpler user interface. Again the final product what determines the consumers choice.

Again going back to a manufacturing example. In India, Maruti, Hyundai and Honda all manufacture hatchbacks, that are priced within ten percent of each other and are all manufactured within India using similar processes. Yet all of them have different market share.

However, the argument stated by the author regarding the importance of the "process of making or doing" does have some merit. Having a streamlined designing and manufacturing process does help an enterprise to bring to market their products faster and at a cheaper price. Thus if similar products are offered by two competing companies, consumers often choose the cheaper one, if everything else is more or less the same. Take the example of Nokia. Their phone model 5800 was a great success in India. Using their nimble design process they were able to launch other similar touch phones at different price points in the Indian market and thus increased their market share.

In summary, I disagree with the statement of the author above. The final product that an enterprise creates is of supereme importance, though the process used to create the final product can give a competitive advantage to the enterprise.

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