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TOEFL Essay Topic 127 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading fiction (such as novels and short stories) is more enjoyable than watching movies. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

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reading fraction

I agree with this fraction that readig of novels and short shorties is more enjoyabal then watching movie. because what thinks to watch movie first we need instument to see the movie like tv,laptop like that but we can not provied this facility everywhere,and in some time we dont have time to sit one place and see the movie. but we can read any of the story and novel in our time flaxibility like we take the novel book srory book anyplace whenever we go and read like we read the novel and story and novel in traveling time, job break time, in school break time, in gardan, in peaceful place, whenever we free in just few time we can read stories.

novel and short stories are realistic then the movie, in novel is based on past stories. like person was real and who had been hendal the real sechuation and how that person lived their life like the lived there life full of enjoyment, or live their life full of strugal ,and what was up and down sictuation in their life , in short however they live their life it all describe in novel and which is very true and reality of their life ,so we can learnt something new from their life and teach some one els about it.
there are different types of novel like love story novel, horer novel, hisrory srory novel, fuuny novel, based on one person life story novel. all novel are based on real and true stories. we can get genral knowledge to read the novel. and it shows us how to live our life which is very importent for humanbing, and we can get knowledge of hisrory to read the past story novel.

and also there are different type of short storys avalabal in anywhere, to read some story we can get knowledge about that story because it is easy to read and also short, some time we know about any perticular thing like what happand done in past , and what happaned done in the world and we get knowledge.
so basically to read novel and short stories are more injoyabal becouse it is easy to read and when we have some few time we can read that type of book any where and pass our time and get knowledge also. it is easy to take anywhere and read. so to read novel and short storys are more injoyable to watching movie.

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