Reading book is a very enjoyable work to do and watching

TOEFL Essay Topic 127 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading fiction (such as novels and short stories) is more enjoyable than watching movies. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

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Reading book is a very enjoyable work to do and watching

Reading book is a very enjoyable work to do and watching movie is also a fun thing to do. We spend most our watching movies, and reading books so we should know which one worth more. If you ask me reading book is the more enjoyable than watching movie and I have some reason for that.

First, you can see many more detail in the novel than in the movie. The author can write more and he or she has no limiatation in the number of pages he or she can write but a movie director should stick to the clock and he have to make the movie in a certin time.For instance, I read this book The Hunger Game written by a female writer. She provides many details, explaining the fight scene and how the main charachter act in critical moments. you get to know the main charachter very well that you think you, yourself have been in such situation and suffered through these dangerous problem. After that I watched the movie and I wanted to compare it to the book. To be honest, it wasn’t the book at all. The director had changed many points of the main story and it made feel like very disappointed about it. There for, books can provide with more detaile, and you enjoy more.

Second, You can make the scenes of the plots in your mind and you make your own image of the story youare reading from the book. Designing the scenes in your mind can improve your imagination and help you to be more creative. For example, I read a abook about wild life, a story of dog survivng in a very hard sitatuation, called The call of wild. after few days our art teacher asked his students to draw a picture of a dog in a snowy envirement. Quickly I remembered the pictures I had imagined while I was reading that book . I drew a very beatiful painting ,and got A score for that drawing. Everyone was surprised by my creativity, so I told them the truth that I have read The call of wild and that book was so amazing that compeletly formed a real picture in my mind. So basically that’s why reading a novel help you to be more imaginative and creative.

Given these points, reading a book is much more enjoyable and fun, because it give the reader more detaile to read and drag you deep in the story. In addition, it helps your ability to produce new images from your own thoughts. So everyone should read more books instead of watching more movies.

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