Quality of Bosses

TOEFL Essay Topic 18 - What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

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Quality of Bosses

Through out my life, I have been in several groups at work. With my experiences in the groups, there were various kinds of people such as people good at calculating, organizing, and computing. One of my group, I had a good boss who could organize and harmonize this entire people. There were several characteristics which I recognized from the boss. First, she had good communication skills. Second, she was very supportive. Third, she was responsible and trustable.

First, effective bosses should have good communication skills. If a boss is busy or no time for their subordinates when they need their bosses, the group might become disharmonized. For instance, my boss was mostly make time for us. When we need to consult with her some complicated cases, she stopped whatever she was doing and listened to us. This helped us a lot from weight on our shoulders. She often made us laugh to relieve stress, too. Good communication skills must be in a good supervisor’s characteristics.

Second, people who are in supervising position should be supportive to their follow workers. If the boss is not supportive to their worker, the group may become apart. For instance, my friend had a bad boss at her work. She told me that her boss were not supportive for her when she had hard time to deal with some suppliers. Several other similar cases were happened with her boss; she lost her motivation to work and stressed out. At last, she left her work. In that case, if her boss was supportive, my friend would not need to leave the work.

Last, a good supervisor should possess responsibility. If supervisors with no responsibility for their work, coworkers loose their trust in their bosses and get loose for their task. Previous at my work, for example, I had unreliable boss. He forgot meeting schedule with other suppliers, replied my email or message very rarely, and cancelled ordering supply without notice. At last, I literally had to take over his work even though I did not wish. I was very stressful situation. Therefore, good supervisor should be responsible and reliable to their workers.

In Sum, I worked with several groups with various people. I had met both effective leader and ineffective one. The good supervisors should have three characteristics; good communication skills, supportive, and responsible. With all these three characteristics, follow worker should be able to have high working performances in the group. I believe that the group should become very productive with high work satisfactions.

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