Quality of a good son

TOEFL Essay Topic 46 - What are the important qualities of a good son or daughter? Have these qualities changed or remained the same over time in your culture? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Quality of a good son

The family is the most strong reltionship in human and it is not only in our species but also in other animals. In our society, keep one’s family is one of the usual thing. However, we sometimes heard news which is a suicide or murder of family from televisions or newspapers. These issue might break their family relationship. What is the key points to prevent from eruption of family? To have a good son or daughter is one of those points to keep their family.

The question is what is the points or characteristics which explain a good son or daughter. The points can be catogorized into three parts. One part is in child age, which is to be kind for the ancester, such as an uncle or aunt and to do what the parents tell them.

Second part is in adult age from twenty to forty years old. In this age, a good son or daughter intend to make offsprings. Reproduction is one of the key point to keep family from ancesters to offsprings.

Third point is in adult age from forty to seventy years old. In this age, a good son or daughter takes care of their parents including hspitalization, helping their activities of living and medication.

These charactristics should not be changed over the periods in Japanese culture because in this culture, we have strong spirit called Bushido, and this spirit make us have honership for the name of family.

Howerver, there are some other charactrictics which should not need to be changed, which is to have the ability to make money and make life by oneself, to have a good job and so on. In concolusion, the key points for a good son or daughter are to have grateful for the ancester and to intend to reproduce their offsprings.

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