Qualities of good neighbour

TOEFL Essay Topic 15 - Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

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Qualities of good neighbour

Neighbours are the people who lives near us. There are endless ways by means of which neighbours can prove to be useful for us. They are not our relatives but if time permits they happen to be more close and more helpful even than our blood relatives. Good relationship with neighbours is always useful and beneficial in its own ways. For me, some of the qualities of being a good neighbours are, helpful nature, sharing and caring attitude towards maintaining the relationship and saviours of emergency situations. We, Me and my family, are honoured to have all these qualities in our immediate neighbours, Mr. & Mrs. Johnes.

How can I forget about that day! I was alone at home and it was 12 am in the midnight. All of a sudden lights went off and I was literally scared of these unexpected events. That was my neighbour , who took the pain to come and ask me if I am feeling comfortable or do I need anything. They even offered me to stay with them that night. At the end of all this, my parents were relieved by thinking that I am not felt alone when there was a need.

Further, sharing and caring attitude of people to maintain the relationship is equally important. Whenever any good news about any of us in my family comes ,our neighbours are the first one to come and congratulate. They often participate in many of our celebrations. They are equally counted as family members. I still clearly remember my dad’s promotion party when Mr. Jones was involved by all means , starting from sitting arrangements to food counters.

Mr. & Mrs. Johnes has also helped us out previously, when there was urgent medical help required to my grand mom. Before my relatives could reach the hospital, my neighbours were present there already.

Finally , I can certainly thank god for giving us opportunity to live with such a good neighbours. On the basis of famous phrase ” A Friend in need, is a friend indeed”, I will go ahead and say ” Neighbours in need are good people indeed”.

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