qualities of a good parent

TOEFL Essay Topic 179 - What are some of the qualities of a good parent? Use specific details and examples to explain your answer.

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qualities of a good parent

To become a parent is a god’s gift. We have to utilise that gift in a good way. The children’s behaviour will depend on how their parents brought them up. So it is a very important duty of a parent to take a good care of their children. It is a very big responsibilty of a human beig to be a good parent.

A parent is said to be a good parent only after seeing how he has brought up his children. They should bring up the children in a very good discipline. Discipline doesn’t mean that they have to to punish their children for each and everything. It is common that children do mistakes,what a good parent must do is he has to tell his children what is good and what is bad in a way that they can understand that. Giving punishment will not help them in any way,instead it will create new problems. Children will develop hatred towards their parents because of the punishments given to them. So it is the responsibility of a good parent to teach children what is good and what is bad.

Bringing up the children is not a easy task.It needs lot of patience. During the early childhood,parents need lot of patience to take care of the children. So having patience is one of the quality that a good parent must have. Now-a-days both mother and father have to work in order to lead a happy life. But it should not affect the children. They have to spend atleast sometime with their children everyday. Otherwise they will get the feeling that they were neglected by thier parents.This is not a good sign.So spending sometime with the children everyday is also a quality that a good parent must have.

Some people think that giving the children what they want,will finish thier duty as a parent. But this is not true. Children will be happy only when they can get the attention they are expecting from the parents. Parents should be like friends to their children. They have to discuss everyhting with their children. Love,this will effect each and every human being. So for a parent to be a good parent he should love his children and at the same time he should be loved by their children. When children go to school they will see so many other’s parents. They should not a get a feeling that thier parents are not taking care of them as his friend’s parents are taking. Parents must be very careful about this.

So for a parent tobe a good parent he should the qualitites like love,caring etc.

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