qualities of a good parent

TOEFL Essay Topic 179 - What are some of the qualities of a good parent? Use specific details and examples to explain your answer.

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qualities of a good parent

Parent are the one who are blessing upon their children. In every span of their life, they are the one who morally, physically and emotionally supports their wards, so that they grew and be a successful person in his life. A good parent is the one who are endorsed with many good qualities, out of which i will be discussing 2 of them in my essay.

Firstly a good parent is the one who is really caring towards their children. They should look after him, give him proper food to eat, good clothes to wear and safe place to live. Not only that, but a child should be looked after when he is ill or when he grows up he should be strictly watched on all of his activities by a good caring parent for the sake of betterment of his future. For example, today my brother is successful businessman. It is all because our parents took well care of him and fulfilled all their responsibilities towards him. They took care of him while he was young, educated him well, took well care of his need in studies.

Secondly, a good parent should be friendly. Parents are the first friend of a child. Obviously a children share all their problems when they are young, but it is important that they share all their issues once they grow up too. In order to do that a parent should show his friendliness towards his child. Thus a child should be advised like a friend but not as a parent. This is because a friend usually understands this friend and their issue as if it is upon them. But a parent tends to act strictly to deal an issue of a child. For example once i had failed one of my exams.Watching me tensed and guilty, my mother instead of scolding me acted as a friend of mine and advised me to work harder next time.

In a nutshell, parent is the one who have all the responsibility to take good care of their child. Thus the most vital of them is that they should be really caring and friendly towards their ward.

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