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Panda is the most important animal in our country

October 17th, 2016

There is a widely debate about what is the most important animals in our country. From my perspective, I think that panda is the most valuable animals in our country, and it is also popular around the world. It is so cute and gorgeous, which is also a good ambassador between countries.

Never make important decision alone

October 16th, 2016

There is a hot debate among the issue whether a person should make a decision alone or not. Those who advocate this kind of view maintain the opinion that making crucial decision alone would cause unexpected outcome, because without a thorough consideration, people may make some acute faults which would totally ruin the plan. Those who claim a contrary idea, on the other hand, that thinking over the important things by oneself would help to free from other people\'s disturb. Taking these two idea in to account, I would choose to make the decision by myself for the following reasons.

forest, animals, or clean water

October 13th, 2016

With the developement of my hometown in the past few years, the population is expanding very fast. The city is expiriencing not only a higher birthrate than ever, but also waves of immigration. The streets in the city are crowed or even jamed during the rush hours. If I could change one thing about my hometown, I would develope an advanced public traffic system.

Life is better than past or not

October 13th, 2016

Stress is one of our biggest enemies. It affects our health, our personality, and our relationships with others. In order to get rid of stress. I first have to identify the cause. I have different antidotes to stress depending on the cause. The most common types of stress I face are with work, with friends, and with myself.

Watching or attending a live show

October 13th, 2016

People may enjoy the exciting atmosphere at a live performance show, such as sports game, concert or an opera. On the other hand, the ease and convenience of enjoying the same show on the TV is also pretty attractive for them. Since I am a party fan, I would like to attend a live show rather than stay at home and just stare at the screen.

technology has made the world a better place

October 10th, 2016

When we come to the point whether technology has made the world a better place to live in or not, discussions begin. However, from my perceptive, I definitely is the proponent of the technology, which has totally change our daily life and make our planet better.

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