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Talent and interest or availability of jobs

December 13th, 2016

Colleges play an important role in preparing the future generation of workers of the society and provide many fields of study to prepare the students to build a better country by fulfilling the needs, wants and demands of the market. Selecting the field of study based on availability of jobs aligns with my own position more closely, because it helps the students to have better jobs and feel more successful and satisfied, and addresses the demands of the country, and in the following I will further explain to clarify various aspects of the topic.

relate well to people or study hard in school?

September 2nd, 2016

Nowadays, relationship with the other people has a significant rule in the societes and specially in the workplace. The workplace has a chiefly definition for everyone but in the totally definition is the place that we could find money for living. Therefore, relate with other people in work is importance as it is in work place and this importance is because of several reasons such as good team work performance, finding stability at work position and have a proper satisfaction from clients; that these all reasons will be discusses in the following statement.

study hard or communicate

August 9th, 2016

Studying hard in school is one of the main factors that may helps people to reach to their goals in their life. People differ greatly their attitudes toward this statement. Some hold the belief that studying hard in school helps students to increase their knowledge about the universe which we are living, and also provides a condition for student to select more freely the job that they like to persuade in the future, while others believe that the ability to communicate well to people helps student to develop more easily thier business in the future. According to the proposed reasons, I believe that the former attitude carries more weight and explanation about my reasons will clarify my points of view in the following paragraphs.

broad knowledge of many academic subjects than to specialize

July 17th, 2016

Living in such an advanced world highlights regular updates on ways that any individual deals in order to be up-to date with new knowledge. Nowadays, technology is developing dramatically and we ought to adopt ourselves to the new ways of life, which is influenced by technology. If individuals resist change and limit their knowledge to a specific subject, they are definitely doomed to fail[ure]. Therefore, I totally support this idea that gaining vast knowledge of different subjects have more merits for humans than focusing on a specific one. The reasons I believe so are manifold, which will be discussed widely hereunder.

Sport and social activity as important as library

April 30th, 2016

Today, stress is one of the conventional diseases among people that are known as the age disease. Infact, it is known among people that whoever takes a higher risk is able to make more money. So, the direct relationship between higher risk and loading more money is hacked in all minds. However, this question is asked about the worth of money which has been provided by higher risk job. Clearly, there are some doubts that money which has been made by taking more risk, worth to sacrify some aspects of health. Therefore, two perspectives have been emerged in this issue. First group of people believe that it does not matter how much money can be earn while you are not able to enjoy it. On the other hand, another group is adventurous to find more money by taking high risk job. Actually, they firmly believe that making money is interesting and taking high risk job is really exciting to them. In my point of view, nothing is worthier than health. This essay is providing some reasons supporting my view.

Internet provides people with valuable information or causes

April 22nd, 2016

There are many heated debates regarding whether a large amount of information which is provided by internet is beneficial or not. Although some people believe that such a amount of information will be harmful for them, I am in certain conviction that the availability of this amount of information on the net is so advantageous for people because they can obtain comprehensive knowledge about what they want to buy, get familiar with various attitudes toward a event and plan precisely for trips.

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