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Which is Better? Images or Language to Convey Ideas

April 30th, 2016

Imagine you are at a movie theater about to ingest the latest romantic comedy all the American newspaper are raving about. It is an essentially American film set in modern day New York, starting the most popular male and female American actor. The previews comes to a conclusion and the silver screen lites up with the opening scene, yet what you're confronted with is not the sight of the Statue of Liberty but the Effie tower, and the actors are speaking in a tongue twisting language you do not understand. You have stepped into showing. Yet, from the disheveled clothes next to the bed side and confused looks of the naked men and women in bed, you conclude they have spent a drunken night of passion together. This imagination exercise proves an important point. It shows that one of the most effective way to communicate an idea is through the use of images and language, in comparison, is not as effective.

High Intensity Lights to Combat Vandalism and Revitalize Nei

April 30th, 2016

The author of this argument suggest the city of Amburg should install high intensity lighting in the business district to minimize crime. The author suggest by reducing crime, the citizens can revitalize the declining neighborhoods in their city. I argue, however, that this argument rests on many flawed logic.

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