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We should save the species after full consideration

April 14th, 2016

Every day we can hear news that a few species of animals or plants are no longer with us. With the rapid development of human being, our nature has suffered a lot, which alarms us to aware the words like biodiversity, multispecies, or eco-equilibrium. However, it is not quite simple to revitalize the condition damaged, for a great majority of time and effort will be taken, so whether this efforts reasonable, deep concern is needed.

A comprehensive measure should be taken when saving species

April 14th, 2016

In the dispute that whether we should save endangered species, some people hold the belief that we must protect every species without considering the expense in efforts, time and financial well-being. Indeed, protecting species can maintain or even enrich the diversity of ecosystem and database of genes. And more plants can probably produce more fresh air and ameliorate the global warming when some of the animals such as tiger, panda, and kangaroo can bring financial benefits by promoting traveling industry. I fundamentally accede with the suggestion that we should protect animals. However, before operating the protection we are ought to analyze different cases with consideration of following issues.

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