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Truly innovative ideas

December 9th, 2015

Every piece of art does not receive the same recognition as the others. Different parts of the world's population may interpret the same piece of music, movie or literary work in completely different ways. Moreover, the interpretation are often controversial within the same society. There is an opinion that only those works of art are considered as exceptional, which are able to convince the majority of their audiences. However, the statement is not always true, based on several reasons. First, a huge proportion of the world's population is often not able to understand the full depth of a certain work. Also, we live in a period of multinational integration and comprehensive development when there are disputes and misunderstandings concerning almost every issue. Furthernore, even if a certain work is completely rejected now, it can be recognized as a masterpiece in the future.


November 27th, 2015

Different specialists may use various approaches in order to answer the same question in the same field. In the preceding statement, the author mentions that according to some anthropologists, Dr. Karp's interview-based approach should be used instead of Dr. Fields's observation-centered method in order to accurately evaluate child-rearing practices in the island of Tertia. Their opinion is based on the fact that Dr. Karp rejected Dr. Field's conclusion by analyzing the experience of a group of islands and Tertia among them. Though their claim may well have merit, those anthropologists present a poorly reasoned argument, based on questionable premises and assumptions. Based solely on the evidence offered, we cannot accept their recommendation as valid.

Tech progress goals

November 27th, 2015

Technological progress is an important impulse for the development of today's world. New discoveries put the well-being of every community on a new level which was not affordable before. Every new fining is made based on some premises, requirements and, certainly, in order to achieve a certain goal. Certainly, new technologies allow people to organize their working schedule better and increase the efficiency of their work. Often such improvements lead to a reduction in the amount of time needed to complete a certain task. However, this fact does not mean that the additional time that is left after a quicker completion of work, should be used for leisure. Based on several reasons, having more time for leisure is not the main purpose of technological progress.

Buckingham College Dormitories

November 26th, 2015

Many colleges and universities provide on-campus housing for their students. Many factors need to be analyzed in order to figure out whether there is a need for extending the number of rooms in a dormitory or building a new one. In the preceding statement the author claims that new dormitories should be built in the future in order to satisfy the antispated increase in enrollment rates at Buckingham College. The author also mentions the difficulties of finding cheap off-campus housing as a support to her claim. Though her claim may well have merit, the author presents a poorly reasoned argument, based on questionable premises and assumptions. Based solely on the evidence the author offers, we cannot accept her argument as valid.

Content of academic courses

November 26th, 2015

The recommendation to design the syllabi of academic courses according to students' interests may sound interesting, but it has many disadvantages. Every course has specific goals and objectives. Those objectives are defined based on the requirements in a particular field. Therefore, there always may be some material included in a course, which is not interesting but is very important for people who want to specialize in that sphere. Moreover, it is very hard to satisfy the needs of all the students. People's interests vary, and a lecturer may not come up with a certain conclusion after asking students' viewpoints. Therefore, it behooves academic institutions and independent teachers to design their courses based on their experiences and the existing trends in their fields of specialization.

Welfare of a society

November 21st, 2015

Every single individual is a member and an integral part of the society that he ir she belongs to. However, different changes in a society do not affect all its memebers equally. Some people may gain more than others as a positive change or a breakthrough in the society. Similarly, in disadvantageous situations some people suffer more than others. In any case, in order to ensure a consistent and commensurate development of a society the satisfaction of all the different classes of population is needed. Therefore it behooves the authorities of any community to provide necessary conditions for the improvement of life standards of every single member of that community.

Heroes nowadays

November 21st, 2015

The world needs heroes now more than ever. In this period of conflicts true leaders are needed who would be able to find comprehensive solutions to various difficult situations. However, this does not mean that there are no heroes at all. The mankind experiences continuous development, and even thoughb that is the merit of the society as a whole, it is the individuals who make discoveries and implement the best ideas born in the society. Especially now, taking into account the fact of absolute media coverage and related pressure on people, the ones who are able to resist truly deserve to be honored. Thus, there are many influential people today in the world who can be considered as heroes.

Teachers’ salaries

November 20th, 2015

The recommendation to adjust teachers' salaries based on the grades of their students may sound interesting, but it contains many disadvantages. Even though the teacher is the one who holds the lecture, there may be many other factors that affect students' academic performance. Similarly, there are some other circumstances that inidcate the quality of a teacher's performance. Certainly, a good academic performance by students is only advantageous for any teacher. However, there are more important characteristics that should be taking into account when defining a teacher's salary. Among those, a teacher's knowledge, background, and experience are perhaps the crucial ones.

Exchange programs

November 20th, 2015

The recommendation to require all university students to spend a part of their studies at a foreign university may be complicated to implement, but it offers many advantages. More and more employers require proofs of international experience from young graduates nowadays. By spending at least six months in another country students will not only absorb the nuances of the educational system of that country, but also interact with other students from different cultures, as well as get engaged in the social life of that country. These are all excellent opportunities for a future efficient and producting employee and a strong team worker. Moreover, students will be able to share their experiences with each other when they come back to their home institution. Therefore, it behooves universities to require at least one semester spent abroad as a prerequisite for graduation.

Parents volunteer

November 20th, 2015

Parents' participation in their children's lives is absolutely crucial. Not only need parents to take care of their children's education, but they also are responsible for helping and supporting the letters in everyday life. The recommendation to require parents to get voluntarily engaged in the activities of their children's schools may be beneficial to the schools, but it is not advantagous in many ways. There are much more important things that parents should spend their time on. Certainly, any kind of assistance from parents should be accepted and appreciated by schools. However, it is not reasonable to demand it from all of them.

Opposing views, reason

November 20th, 2015

People are often judged based on the ideas they express and the arguments they provide. Thus is it is important for us to make statements that sound logical to other people surrounding us. Even though there are many different approaches of analyzing an argument's validity, an important question remains: what is the best method that would allow to draw reasonable conclusions on any argument? Even though an argument's ability to reject contradicting views is an important characteristic, it is definitely not the only way of testing an argument. Moreover, there are other circumstances, such as premises and assumptions of an argument, and its real life applications, that should be considered first. Those characteristics are more important than an argument's ability to convince others.

Immediate surroundings

November 19th, 2015

Even though each society has its own distinctive charateristics, even within a society there are subgroups, and people form their own communities. As we interact with people who surround us in our everyday lives, we may diverge more and more from the rest of the society that we belong to. People who we communicate with and phenomena that happen around us are the most important factors influencing our views and opinions. Therefore, drawing conclusions about people's behavior based on the society as a whole is not a very effective strategy.

People use various methods to analyze different cultures and the mentality of people from those cultures. However, an important question

November 19th, 2015

People use various methods to analyze different cultures and the mentality of people from those cultures. However, an important question still remains unanswere: is it possible to come up with one general approach that would allow to have a proper understanding of a culture's current state? Even though there may be methods that could work in some partiular situation, only analyzing the situation of the youth of a culture will allow to draw relevant conclusions on its development, no matter what kind of culture is being discussed. The information about youth not only gives information on recent developments of a culture, but also allows to make predictions concerning future trends.

Opposing views

November 19th, 2015

Communicating with other people is an important part of our lives. Certainly, not all the people around us share our ideas on different topics, and we have to take that fact into account in almost every situation. Certainly, people always try to find soulmates and spend more time with people who have similar interests and opinions. However, avoiding to socialize with people who have contradicting views would hardly be beneficial for any of us. Even though we may not feel very comfortable when consistently debating and arguing with others, we will definitely discover and learn new things from those controversial discussions.

Flexible laws

November 17th, 2015

The importance of a thoroughly considered legislation is very important for the welfare of any society. Laws adopted by authorities may may be both supportive and limiting for the public. Even though it is important for any country to have strict rules and regulations in order to hold the control over the public, it is also crucial to be able to adapt existing laws to every unpredicted situation. Therefore, there is enough ground to support the statement that laws should be agile in order to address different issues that have not appeared in the past.

Choose a field

November 17th, 2015

Every college student takes an important decision when choosing a field of study. The earlier students figure out what career path they want to pursue, the more time they will have to go deeper and deeper in their chosen field. However, an important question arises concerning the factors that students need to take into account in order to choose the right field. Should they take a decision based on their professional interests and skills or rather on chances of receiving a job in the future? Even though the second option may sound reasonable, it is much more important to consider personal and professional needs, as well as abilities in a particular sphere in order to be successful.

Current vs future problems

November 16th, 2015

Different policies implemented by governments include potential risks for the whole society. In case of a failure it is the public that suffers the most. Therefore a thorough consideration of all existing and potential problems is needed in every situation. As usually it is not possible to address all the problems at once, governments have to prioritize and solve them one by one. Even though the recommendation that already existing issues should be eliminated first may sound reasonable, it is not effective to prioritize the problems that way. Potential long-term threats are not less important and governments should take them into account when taking important decisions.

Questioning authorities

November 16th, 2015

It is the responsibility of authorities to ensure stable economic growth and continuous imrovement of life standards of a society. In many countries people are not satisfied with the decisions taken by their authorities. An important question arises concerning the actions of the public in order to make authorities change Some people believe that public questioning and continuous complaints would have a desirable impact on the efficiency of authorities. Even though the idea may work sometimes, such a behavior would hardly result in improvement of the society's welfare.

Formal education

November 15th, 2015

The role of academic institutions is very important for professional and personal development of people. Formal education not only allows us to gain knowledge in a particular field of study, but also opens for us new horizons and excellent opportunities that we would not be able to have otherwise. Even though it may seem that the educational system encloses people within some boundaries, many academic programs, especially at top universities, are designed in a way that allows people to fully realize their potential. Therefore, the impact of formal education on our minds and spirits is rather positive.

Effective leaders

November 15th, 2015

Even though the greatest ideas usually come from the public, not everybody is able to bring those ideas to a consummate state and, eventually, to realize them. For those purposes leaders are chosen in any society to take important decisions and wisely lead the development of that society. Certainly, political leaders represent not only themselves but their countries on international arena. Therefore, the actions every leader takes should correspond to the needs and requirements of the public in that leader's country. Obviously, an effective leader has to be a strong personality, but the absence of the ability to compromise significantly undermines any leader's greatness.

Lucrative careers

November 15th, 2015

The role of academic institutions is very important in the personal and professional development of the youth in any country. Universities not only offer various study programs, but also organize career events, workshops, and seminars in order to highlight different prospectives of those programs. Different policies established by those institutions unavoidably affect all the spheres of activity and, eventually, the life standards of any country. Therefore, it is responsibility of educational instiutions to encourage their students not to follow career paths that would be beneficial for themselves only, but try to benefit the society while achieving their personal goals.

Variety of courses

November 15th, 2015

Even though the structure and content of different academic programs vary significantly, perhaps one thing is the same for all of them: they all consist of core courses and electives. In other words, there are courses that each student partcipating in a particular program has to take, and there is a possibility of choosing some additional courses from a pool sometimes even encluding courses from other schools and faculties. Of course, student should try to get acquainted with as many areas of specialization as possible not only for making a right decision, but also for expanding their knowledge in many spheres. However, it is not reasonable to force all the students to take courses outside their field of specialization without taking into account their degree levels and interests.

Free education

November 15th, 2015

At any university around the world the number of accepted students is usually higher than the number of enrolled student. The reason, mainly, is the students' inability to pay their tuition fees. As a result many high-qualified candidates just withdraw from their programs with a hope to find fincnacial sources for the following year. In many cases they are not successful in that either. It is the responsibility of the governments of different countries to take care of such students and support them financially in such situations. The governments should provide full scholarships for high-skilled students who have financial difficulties. Not only certain individuals, but also the whole society will benefit from such a policy.

Forces determine

November 14th, 2015

People's behavior affects not only those people taking particular actions, but also other people surrounding them and sometimes even the whole world. This is an obvious statement concerning the results of our behavior. However, an important question arises concerninig the causes of action taken by different people. What is the main determinant of people's behavior? In other words, it is interesting to out whether people commit to something based on their real desire or there are some additional factors that influence their action. Even though many people try to be creative, it is the external forces that mainly determine our decisions.

Past achievements

November 14th, 2015

Even though discoveries happen suddenly, the back story of any breakthrough is usually very long. People study a particular field for years and years in order to eventually make a valuable contribution to that field. In any field it is the past work that inspires people, drives their attention to that field, and makes them go deeper and deeper. Therefore it is reasonable to claim that people are first influenced by preceding accomplishments of others before being able to make a significant improvement.

Achievements as an indicator

November 14th, 2015

Life is a competition not only between individuals, but also between nations. The representatives of any nation try to point out different reasons why their nation deserves praise and acknowledgement. But an important question arises concerning the measures of a nation's greatness. There is a statement that it is more important to take into account the well-being of a nation rather than the accomplishments of some of the people of that nation. However, the achievements of those people can really be beneficial for a nation in terms of being recognized, having world-known icons amongst them, and eventually being more satisfied. Therefore, even though the number of extraordinary people with great achievements is usually low in a nation relative to that nations population, the achievements of that small elite group of people is a very strong signal of the nation's greatness.

People are usually judged based on their behavior and the ideas they express. The more convincing someone’s arguments are, the

November 13th, 2015

People are usually judged based on their behavior and the ideas they express. The more convincing someone's arguments are, the more respect gains that person from others. But an interesting question arises concerning the validity of an argument. What circumstances should be taken into account in order to evaluate whether someone's arguments are strong or not. There statement that an argument's power mainly depends on its ability to reject opposing opinions. Even though the statement may sound reasonable to some people, there are much more important characteristics that can prove an argument's validity.

The role of leaders has always been important in any community, and it is not less crucial nowadays. Moreover, the

November 12th, 2015

The role of leaders has always been important in any community, and it is not less crucial nowadays. Moreover, the world needs leaders now more than ever. In such a period of global changes and transitions wise decisions need to be taken in order to ensure peace and safety for any country and for the globe as a whole. However, important questions arise about the criteria of choosing an effective leader. How to measure the effectiveness of a leader? What actions should be done by a true leader? Even though there may be many short-term plans incumbent on a country's leader, assuring high life standards and safe atmosphere for the country's citizens should always remain as the ultimate task.

Wild areas

November 11th, 2015

Nowadays one can rarely find a place on earth that has not been occupied by human race. A question arises whether it is a positive or a negative tendency. Some people believe that all the remaining wild areas should not be touched from now on. Moreover, they claim that a special legislation should be defined to preserve those places. However, taking into account several important issues, such as increasing global population, scarceness of resourses on earth, and the development of toursim, make such an assertion invalid.


November 11th, 2015

Corporations dominate almost every field of human activity nowadays. The number of oligopolistic markets increases year by year, markets where a small number of big companies provide the whole supply. Therefore, the impact of such comapnies on society is huge not only in terms of producing products and creating workplaces, but also in terms of affecting people's life standards and the environment. Depending on how corporations operate different societies can either benefit or suffer. Logically, the mission of any corporation should include paying attention to solving social and environmental issues and not just making money by any means.

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