Essays by Palak jain

Effect of professional success on personal life

July 18th, 2015

In my opinion, professional & personal aspects are two important facts of a life just like two faces of a coin. For achieving a glorious success, these should not be mingle with each other. Actually, it depends on individual perspective of how they carry both these in the important journey of their life. One important fact is increasing responsibility that also brings changes & increase pressure in someone's life. In young age, individuals are generally passionate & enthusiastic towards achieving their goals because except from family they are less involved in their personal life .Therefore, they can focus more in in achieving their professional goals because they don't have to divide their time & so they are meticulous about planning their future & higher studies.

People inclination on rituals , ceremonies& thier effects on

July 16th, 2015

Different religions have different prospective on believing & celebrating their rituals & ceremonies which definitely help to define a culture.

Effect of Hi-tech communication media on today’s world

July 10th, 2015

With the advent of Hi-tech information technology & digital media, presence of electronic media for communication is very important to keep pace with the fast moving world,i.e 21st century.In this 21st century, people like to remain updated with all the latest information via. television , radio, e-news in the best possible & shortest ways i.e here also time plays a very important role. Thus the author's claim that high speed electronic communication media such as e-mail & television ,tend to prevent meaningful & thoughtful communication lacks substantial evidences on how it could effect on our thoughtful communication.

Emphasis of historical events on individuals

July 9th, 2015

I am totally agreed with the author's claim that we have only enumerated the names of famous personalities of our historical events yet we all aware that there were also too many other audacious people who had made their significant contributions in our famous battles, wars & other events although their contribution remain unnoticed & thus they were unable to made their position in the list of famous personalities.

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