Essays by ombachja

Politicians Prevaricate

June 17th, 2015

Politics are complicated, dangerous, and politicians are even more complicated and possibly dangerous. Politicians hold the power to make decisions to affect each and every citizen in a county, state, or country and their livelihood is based on being elected by the people. With that in mind, some politicians believe it is best to bend the truth in order to gain votes, however others believe absolute honesty is a necessity in the political sector.

Save the Trees, Regardless of Cost?

June 13th, 2015

Over the past few hundred years human societies have evolved dramatically. New technologies are developed everyday and human influence on the earth is increasing. While these advances are great in a number of ways for science, medicine, and geography, the effects of human interference on wildlife and plant life is not so positive. A recent push for society to save these animals and wildlife, regardless of the cost, has been presented. While it is important to do everything we can, in a practical sense, to save these living organisms, some costs may be too great to bear.

Childhood Segregation or Unification

June 11th, 2015

It seems like everyday a new child prodigy is uploaded to Youtube. A 5 year old playing the drums better than most 18 year olds. A 4 year old who can juggle a soccer ball better than most teenagers. While these children are extremely talented, does it grant reason to segregate these kids from other "normal" children so that they may receive specialized training to become exceptional in their abilities? The answer may not be so black and white depending on the situation. Some children may benefit greatly and become very successful due to the training, however some kids may not be mature enough to realize the commitment and long term consequences that may occur.

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