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Technology is a necessary but not always a positive force in

April 9th, 2015

Technology is a tool in our hand. It depends on how technology is being used either to produce a positive or negative force in modern life. Starting from the use of a simple calculator to all household appliances to all technologies used in lab, all come with certain boons and banes. For example, use of calculator imparts positivity to our daily work because it simplifies complex calculations by solving them in seconds. It is user friendly, portable, inexpensive and hence useful to almost every profession, starting from a grocery shop to schools and multi-national companies. The advancement in its developments also stands out. In yesteryears it was required only to solve problems, now calculators can also be used to store complicated formulae. Despite its enormous applicability in various fields somehow calculators have made human minds quiescent even in solving easy problems. Nobody takes the pain to use brain for remembering formulae or solve out easy additions or subtractions. In fact, it has also led to the loss of confidence where we use calculators even to cross check simple calculations. Hence, technology serves to provide positive as well negative impact on the society in this case.

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