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History and modernisation !

November 8th, 2014

History denotes our cultural heritage.It also shows how our ancient people used to live, their life style,the difficulties they were facing and a lot more.We can learn a lot of things from our past so the history does. So, it is our responsibility to keep those valuable records safe. Old buildings are one of the major thing that represents or denotes the society's past.Building represents, how rich the societies were. It also shows, How they used to live in the building?, what are the different technologies or methods they used at that time? We can always learn from our history.It's the responsibility of government as well as the people to keep the history alive.

Free birds

November 8th, 2014

The future of the country always depends on the younger generation. It is more important how the child will behave with their peers and with the outside world.Parents and their teachers takes an important role in shaping out their behaviour.Children learn or act by looking at others,so it is also important that how we should behave with the children.We can see that governments of different countries has different rules and regulations on children, where some of the countries allows full freedom for the children and some of the countries are having very restricted rules and regulations.Lets discuss the pros and cons in both the perspective.

Education is not just concentrating on academics.

November 7th, 2014

Education is not about just learning the academics or just completing the homework given by the teacher.Education is not just the academics but it also about learning the life values, participating in the sports, cultural activities and many more. Physical activities are more important in life as it helps to be healthier and active. It should be a part of our daily routine.As there is a saying "Health is wealth", to keep our health condition good we should daily spend some time in the physical activities like sports, exercise.

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