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Educational System

October 30th, 2014

In our current world there are some subjects that the level of the complexity can surprise us. One of this subject it is about the Educational System (ES), that changed so many time and a lot during our history. Nonetheless, the idea about a kind of system to educational started a long time ago, more than two thousands years ago in Roma, with the simple idea as following: there were a tutor, who is a kind of teacher, and the discipule, a kind of student, in this time, the education wasn't systematic and/or standart, the tutor taught what he believed that was important. Since this time a lot of thing changed, the ES as we know started in Europe, in the Middle Age, with some Universities in this continent.

Fan or Air Conditioners

October 28th, 2014

The costs of electricity in anywhere has to be in consideration. However, the results for the recent study of electric costs in Claria are a little strange. One can take look some in some points to clarify what it means.

The force of images

October 24th, 2014

There is a common expression in my country that tells : "One image is more strong tham 1.000 words". I strongly believe that a good image can communicate in a very effective way a message, idea or value to large goups of people. Take loolink some prior examples to claritfy what I mean : Suadastic from Nazism, apple simbol from Apple, flags from countries around the world, maybe some pictures from different wars or examples from artist world: Monalisa from Leonard d'Vinci or Civil War from Picasso. All these examples can examplify very well the strong of a imagne.

All female education or coeducation

October 22nd, 2014

Preserve the century-old tradition of all-female education in Grove College sounds as a good reason. However, when the president of Grove College defends this point of view against the majority of faculty members who voted in favor of coeducation, he made some mistakes. One take a look some points to clarify what it is mean. First of all, he used some data to support his statement. However, there is some wrong interpretation about these data. In the first data, he told that 80% of the students answered a survey and they wanted the school keeps his policy about female. Unfortunately, the author didn´t tell how percent of the student really answer yes or not to the possible change. How many were the students that answered yes or not ? In fact, 51% of 80% want to keep the policy or 75% of 80% want to keep the policy? And about the students who want to change to coeducation, how many of them approve the change in the policy? Finally, about the other 20% of students who didn´t answer the pool, why did they not answer ? Maybe these 20% could be the difference about the numbers of students that approve or not the new policy.

Safety of consumer goods

October 20th, 2014

When we talk about consumer goods and the interference or not from government we have to consider some very important points, because there are nuances in different kind of industry and/or services that businesses peoples offer to the customers. Let´s take look in same examples to clarify what I mean. In my point of view, some services as phones, light supply, water supply, health plans, drugs, services and/or suppliers connect with foods are more important than services connect with computers, cars, clothes, material stuffs, etc.


October 16th, 2014

Nobody can live without water, and, the same is true to any activity in the industry or agronomy, the water is necessary to cook, wash, in the chemistry process, etc. However, when the author of the letter assumes that the industrial growth in Grandview City declined because of the water rationing that happened in the last year, he did a mistake. Does he have any data to support his statement? Does he consider economic scenario when he draws his conclusion? Can he prove that the industry did not adapt the situation with less water? Unfortunately the author of the letter does not exposed any data or research to prove his theory.

Educational System

October 15th, 2014

When the theme of any statement is about educational system (ES), the complexity of the subject is enormous, take into consideration the all countries around the world, when we take into consideration this, it is clear that there isn´t a “universal education”, in fact, there are a lot of differences about the ES around the world, each country or culture express their ideas in the ES. Indeed, the culture in anywhere is explored and perpetuate in a lot of different ways that permeate the day by day of the people, some examples of the culture expressions are: music, food, clothes, philosophy, religion, politician system, that is also a reflect of a specific culture, in summary, the culture surrounds and identifies people around the world, because of this, it is a little expected that the culture also has a big influences in the ES in a specific place.

Educational System

October 10th, 2014

The text that will be discussed here presented a lot of important data from a poll of 200 charitable organizations, and also analyses some important number about the increased by 25 percent in the money that this charitable organizations (CO) received in the last year. Unfortunately, when the author of this research assumes that the educational institutions (EI) had a very small increase in donations (3%) because the people think that they don't need money as much as other institutions, the author made a mistake. Let´s take a few argumentations to clarify what this mean. First off all, the author didn´t define the percentage of each institution in the sample, the total number of CO is clear, 200, but how many are EI ? 10%, 50%, 75% ? In fact, the readers don´t know this essential piece of information. How can he draw a cohesive, coherent and strong conclusion if the size of the sample was not taken in consideration?

Succesfull of cientists

October 9th, 2014

The best way to defend any statement, theory or idea is analyse real cases. In fact, when we apply the scientific methodology the results are able to be cohesive and strong. Let´s take look in some examples to clarify what I mean. Take in consideration some unquestionable researches and art people, as a following: Newton, Einstein, Steven Halking, Lorentz, Pauling, Darwin or maybe some arts examples as: Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, Leonardo d´ Vinci. In terms of ideas and methodology, can we learn something important with these examples? Could they show us the best way to also make an extraordinary and original work? I strongly believe that the answer is positive.


October 8th, 2014

Installed high intensity lighting in business area sound as a good and effective idea to combat vandalism. Unfortunately when the actor of the letter assume that only this simple action will be effective to decrease the vandalism troubles, he defends a very poor and simple idea to a more complex trouble. he can not assume that just a simple measure like “Installed high intensity lighting in business area” would have such a big impact in reduces the vandalism in this area. When the violence is the statement, a lot of factors have to be in consideration, as a following: economic scenario in the city and/or country, educational level of the people, social programmes that are or not are implemented in the neighbourhoods, etc.

What is necessary to build a heroe?

October 7th, 2014

The best way to support any statement is analyse some strong examples. Let´s take a few examples to clarify what I mean. Take in consideration two unquestionable heroes in our contemporary world: Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Both of these two special and real heroes in our era fought against racism, that permeable our society uncountable years. Indeed, Martin defended his ideas in USA and Nelson defended a similar philosophy in South Africa, two exceptional people worked in total different scenarios and separated by an ocean. What I want to clarify here, it is only a person or only the circumstances are not enough to create real heroes. In fact, this typical polarization that is so common in our western society ( bad/good, right/wrong, black/white) is very poor to explain and support the complexity of our society and the behaviour of humans, for this reason, a combination of the strong factors are the responsible to the heroes, as an example: the society scenario, family structure, the education level and, not lees important, the strength of character, that is a result for the combination of all factors listed here and some more external factors.

Process to obtain copper with less electric energy

October 3rd, 2014

How copper is find in the natural form and how is combined with another metals and the amount of it variable considerably is not any surprise or exception. In fact, the most part of the minerals are found in the nature associate with another metals and the percentage of each metal will change with the kind of mineral. This was the first mistake that the author commit, when he starts an essay with a generic piece of information. In addition, he did some questionable conclusions when he tried to support the idea that a new copper extracting technologies is able to spend 40 percent less electricity than the other methodology. Let´s take a look of few points to clarify what this means.

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