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Wrong analogy

July 11th, 2014

The author of this letter claimed that the library service should be provided ind Castorville in the name of both Castorville and Polluxton due to the success in merging garbage collection service by both villages. She first observed that when garbage collection departments were consolidated together into a single one and located in Castorville, the service had not been receiving too much complaints. She also assumed that the library in Polluxton had poor service so that it performed not well in the previous year. Eventually, she came to the conclusion that, assuming merging departments will be cost-benefited and the service is always better in Castorville, the library service should also be put together and only use the library in Castorville. However, such statement is founded on several assumptions that is weak and not supportive.

Televised the government proceedings

July 11th, 2014

Most of time the more information is revealed to the public, the more improvement there will be in the society because any actions deviate from people's will by government can often be deterred. For individuals, as a voters who entitle qualified politicians to do public affairs for themselves, it is easy and costless to have government actions supervised under the broadcasting by television, radio, or internet news. For the society as a whole, the government officials will be more alert and conform themselves to social norms which are oftentimes embedded in the Constitution of a country that officials have to obey. Nevertheless, there are times that over exposure of government movements is not as good as it is thought because some policy may thus fail to be effective.

Useful or not, the ultrasound machines?

July 8th, 2014

In the editorial on health problems, the author suggested that all pharmacies should set up an ultrasound machines and provide the service to their clients. In doing so, the he alleged that the overall medical costs in Corpora will reduce. The author based his suggestion on three assumptions: firstly, the ultrasound machine is effective and accurate in detecting plague in the neck according to the researchers as well as easy to operate for the owner of pharmacies to correctly utilize the machines; secondly, with such ultrasound examination service, once the clients found the risk of getting a stroke, they will certainly go for the doctors; lastly, the medical cost on curing stroke and on its prevention is the main expense in the city's budget set.

Is grading a burden?

July 7th, 2014

Grading is way to encourage students who are diligent and involving and also an indicator for teachers to know how students have been learning in school; that is, it is meant for ensuring the intellectual development of students. Although grading system will bring a level of pressure to the students, to an reasonable extent it is a driving force for students to move on learning. An education system without grades will be less stressful indeed however less efficient as well, since grading is not only a marker for students' performance but also sometimes an index of teaching quality. Therefore, a proper grading system will promote a better learning environment and help students to find what they are good at.

The hand soaps problem

July 6th, 2014

The director suggests that the new hand soap Nedasept should be supplied to all of their hospitals because if it is more effective in preventing patients from infections. She stated that a test has proved Nedasept can kill 40% more bateria than the current hand soaps used in their hospitals. She also revealed that one of their hospital in Saluda has change to the use of Nadasept and the result is good as reported by the hospital staff. With these evidence, the director believe that Nadasept should replace the current hand soaps and will certainly have better effect in eliminating infections on patients. However, the director's statement seems weak and unfounded after considering the following reasons.

Movies are popular

July 6th, 2014

Movie has been a public topic all around the world. If you are feeling embarrassed in the situation of not knowing what to talk about with people you just know, movies are always an easy way to warm up your friendship for almost everyone likes to watch movies.

Role of Rituals and Ceremonies

July 6th, 2014

Rituals and ceremonies are the embodiment of people's mental world, and they compose a large part of a culture in the past; however, in more recent time, they are no longer the main way people use to explore their inner self. In the past, they represent sacredness and a powerful but mysterious channel for people to communicate with the nature, or the unknown. In the Middle ages, they become less influential and often were used as a tool against heresy. Regarding to the modern age, people have become wealthier and satisfied with materials, they have turned underground and been condemned by the majority of people.

International news to be blamed

July 6th, 2014

The publisher pointed out in the memorandum that their magazines which report mostly international news stories on their front pages were the worst selling issues in the past three years. She ascribed such poor sales to the over coverage of international news on the front covers because she saw other news-magazines reduced the international covers. From the view of cost, it has becoming more costly to support their foreign reporters. Thus, she ended up with the conclusion that they should not continue devoting to international news anymore in the future. However, the underlying assumptions and reasoning of the publisher is not firmly supported and found obfuscating.

Individual vs Teamwork on Innovation

July 5th, 2014

When Mark Zuberg, one of the founders of the worldwide social network website, Facebook, started his business, those innovative features of Facebook would not exist had it not been the teamwork with his partner. Often in the history we learn many famous people who came up with a brilliant idea seemed to have made it all by themselves. However, what we are not told is the process they have been through to eventually get such ideas. I have to disagree with the statement that individual is always the impetus for innovation.

By images or by words, which is more effective?

July 5th, 2014

To most people, images are easier to understand because we can get the whole information within our eye sight without thinking too much on the context within lines and dots. Words, on the other hand, are usually hard to provide a quick view of the information because the ideas lie within the context of each sentences. There are, however, successful people who communicate his values with a large group of people via words in books or speeches. Because of these examples in the history, I believe that the most effective way to convey an idea has to depend on what kind of group of people you are communicating with.

A Comment on Memorandum from the President of Hyper-Go Toy C

July 5th, 2014

The president found that their top toy airplane has dropped in sales figures last year. According to their customer surveys, they thought that the parents attitude's change toward youthful violence and education was the reason for their sales decrease in toy airplane. While believing in such inference, the president require that all their action toys be off shelf and the factories produce a new line of educational toys. The president also talked about the other companies' experience and expect the new toys to be profitable because the family income has been increasing. However, the assumptions and inferences the president made here is questionable in several point.

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