Essays by adtb29

Employee evaluation

June 24th, 2010

In today's fast paced era of growth, one observes the huge number of companies, big and small, that provide products and sevices to society. If asked the question, "What is your most valuable resource?", many senior executives would have the universal answer, "Our people". There is no doubt that employees are a company's most valuable resource and evaluation of their performance is vital to ensuring that the company retains the best talent in the company. In order to evaluate an employee's performance, I believe it is crucial to obtain 360 degree feedback. This would mean that an employee's performance is evaluated both by those senior to the person, as well as others reporting to that person. In this context, I would disagree with the statement that employees reporting to their manager are not in a position to evaluate them due to being subordinate in rank. Junior employees can always evaluate leadership, and time and project management capabilities.

Fish Essay

June 3rd, 2010

The above argument states that tartfish will be endangered if government regulation is not enforced to restrict fishing times in the year. The author supports his claim by explaining how changes in the tartfish industry have led to an increased demand for tartfish, that will ultimately lead to overfishing problems on Shrimp Island and these problems are similar to those experienced by mainland fishing industries. Thus, the author proposes the solution of restricting fishing times to prevent fishermen from overfishing and depeleting the existence of tartfish. There are several assumptions inherent in this argument that could render the argument inconclusive.

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