Essays by Nicole

Exterior forces or self-will

September 11th, 2018

Whether exterior forces or self-will is the dominant factor affecting one's behavior is largely different from individual to individual. Although I cannot deny that people tend to behave differently under different circumstances, it is not necessary to draw a conclusion from that fact that they are making choices primarily based on forces not of their own making. Admittedly, physical and anthropologic forces largely influence one's behavior, especially considering what advanced technology has brought us today. With advanced record pens, students in university free their hands to take notes therefore need no longer to carry heavy books around the campus. Besides that, the way in which students learn in school has changed dramatically since the technology has ever been developing. Instead of paper material, students nowadays prefer to search information online, and depend on some convenient applications to manage and analyze those information, which even help them to draw a first-step conclusion. What's more, teachers in school no longer regard oral speech as their only means to teach lessons. Instead, they use online teaching system as a supplement of ways of teaching, which improve the efficiency of both teachers and students. In this way, it seems that those forces have a great influence on people behavior. What' s more, not only the physical forces can affect one's behavior, but also people around him or her can also be a factor affecting the behavior. We have heard so many cases that when one is asked that what makes him or her to choose to lead a life like this, one will answer without hesitation that mom, dad, one of his or her best friends, or a very special teacher during the childhood is the reason that motivate one to make this decision. After all, no one is an island, as a famous saying goes. And no one cannot be influenced, no matter in a positive or negative way, by someone around them. As long as they are live in the society, live among the other people, this kind of influence will surely exist. However, the notion that people will be heavily influenced by outside world seems little precarious if being misunderstood. Compared to saying those forces determined one's will, it is better to say that those forces provide a certain kind of inspiration that influence people’s own will. This kind of stimulus might be a positive factor, but might also be a deleterious factor, depending on one's own persistence, characters, spirits and independent thoughts. Those who think independently are capable to tell the good ones from the bad ones, and are less likely to be deceived by those charlatans who aimed to determines one's behavior in favor of their own interests. As a result, we can never blame our own unpleasant changes on the changing society, after all it is our own will that make those decisions. In sum, although those forces are likely to influence our own behavior, our life is determined only by ourselves. Those who can think independently are those who can use the forces properly as an inspiration to live a better life.

Effectiveness of a political leader

September 11th, 2018

Whether a governor should discard the principle and yield to public in order to be effective is a controversial issue. From my perspective, adherence to principles will help one to hold he or her power in the short term, however, stubbornly fixing to a principle will inevitably lead to a failure in one's political career, although unduly conference to his or her people might be sometimes regarded as a naive behavior. The threshold question about this topic has something to do with the prerequisite for being a leader. Before truly governing the society with high efficiency, one must obtain and strive for maintaining the power first. History tells us that effective would-be political leaders around the world commonly strived to convince the populace that through the commitment to his or her principles, one can live a better life. It is out of this very belief that people lent much credence and support to this leader. And it is this leader later commitment to the very same principle that gave the public the feeling that this leader was competence for this position and capable to fulfill his or her previous promises which therefore lent further support to the leader. As mentioned above, this amounts to the very prerequisite for the high efficiency. However, with the development of a society, the principles which used to be reasonable and in accord with the general interest of the public might no longer serve as the same purpose, considering which a governor must revise the principles from time to time to ensure the development of a society and therefore one’s power in a long run. History has witness countless examples which shows that sticking to a set of outdated principles inevitably caused the overthrow of a governor, one of which is Hitler, who is notoriously known for his stubborn commitment to his Nazism. No historian will deny that they are or at least were effective leaders. However, what is ironical is that it is the very same commitment to the very same principle that accelerated their downfalls. Leading a worse and worse life, people in the society no longer believe their leader will bring them stable life, not to mention a better life, since those leaders failed to take in the recommendations from those who are representative of the general will of the public and therefore help to stabilize the overall society. As a result, if one wants to maintain the power in the long run, it is inevitably to yield to the willing of the public. Yet I'm not saying that governors who take every opinion of the people into account will be the wise ones, since over compromising to the public will amounts to nothing but to another obstacle for one to maintain his power. In the game of politics, complete conformity to the general will is a sigh of vulnerability and naiveté, neither of which earn a politician respect among his or her opponents, and which those opponents will use to every advantage to defeat the politician. Nor I infer that the most common consideration will surely help the society develop in the most scientific and efficient way, since with a lack of relevant knowledge, most of them are less likely to make considerable decisions than the well-trained and insightful politician. So when a politician is about to make a decision, one need to include his or her own consideration and principle into the general will. In sum, it is the principle itself not the level of the commitment made by those leaders that matter most when it comes to the effectiveness of the polical leadership. Before a leader or a would-be leader truly sticking to a principle, he or she must ensure that this principle is in accord with the general interest. What's more, they must be capable of adjusting their principles to keep pace with the developing trend of a society.


September 11th, 2018

In the report, it is recommended that all colleges and universities adopt honor codes which Groveton has dopted to avoid cheating among students. To support this recommandation, the reporter cites some facts involving Groveton College and a recent survey. However, in order for those evidence to lend credence to this conclusion, questions must be anweres first, absent which it so far renders this recommendation unconvincing. Firstly, it suggests that the number of cases of cheating that teachers reported has experienced a decline since this policy has been adopted. However, the number of those reported by teachers is not necessarily equal to the acutual number of cases of cheating. Without answering this potential problem, this is entirely possible that many cases happened without being caught by those teachers. Or perhaps those teachers choose to not to report some cases out of some reasons. If those are the case, then they provide alternative explanations for this decline. Secondly, no evidence provided in the report shows that the recent survey is statistically reliable. Before this survey amounts to a strong evidence to this recommendation, the procedure must be conducted scientifically. However, we are not informed by the reporter of the size of the sample. The smaller the size, the less reliable the survey. We should also know the proportion of the respondents in the students surveyed, since those who respond the survey might well be good students who prefer not to cheat in their academinc endeavors. Again, the smaller the proportion, the less reliable the survey. Even if the survey is reliable enough to suggest that students in the Groveton College are less likely to cheat than before, the reporter is too hasty to draw the conclusion that this policy should be administered to all college and universities, since this conclusion is based on a false analogy between Groveton College and other unverisities. In order for the former to server as a fine example for the latter, it must assume that all the conditions in those unversities are essentially the same. Yet, it fails to provide statistics to substantiate this assumption. Without those evidence, the report cannot convince me the same policy will work efficiently in other colleges and universities with the mere fact that it is helpful for only one school. In sum, before the reporter argue that his recommendation is persuasive, he must anwer some critical questions: (1) whether the number of the cases of cheating those teachers reported are the number of those actual cases. (2) whether the survey mentioned in the report is conducted in a scientific way. (3) whether the policy which proved to be effective in soly one school will definitely work well in all other schools.

How to get more people to read The Mercury

October 14th, 2013

It has been argued by the writer that the best way to get more people to read The Mercury is to reduce its price below that of The Bugle. This argument is based mainly on the assumption that The Mercury's circulation has declined due to the new competing lower-priced newspaper The Bugle. I, however, find a number of flaws in the line of reasoning, since I believe there are several considerations that have not been taken into account.

investment the same money to sports and libraries

July 20th, 2011

The library plays a critical role in all of universities¡¯ functions, because that acquiring theoretical knowledge or employable skills is the most important reasons that people go to universities, and transfer and impart knowledge have become the main duties of universities. So people will disagree with putting as much money as library in activities. Yet, if universities invest the same amount money to activities, people will enjoy better utilities and environments to study and sports. And holding variety activities, fund by universes, are truly benefit for promoting students¡¯ physical and emotional development, making school lives colorful, and even fostering positive hobbies. So in my opinion, I hold the idea that universities should invest the same amount of money to the two fields.

Could clothes change our behavior

September 4th, 2010

I disagree with the saying that different clothes affect how people behave. Instead, I think how people wear will present what kind of person they are.

Important qualities of a good son or daughter?

June 2nd, 2010

In my opinion there are always good qualities of your children, no matter if it is a son or daughter. First of all, having a son or a daughter is a blessing from above! Every parent who has children will agree with me, therefore as a parent you always see a lot of potential and good qualities in a son or in a daughter. It is very important to understand that a child always brings along some good qualities, no matter what may other people say. To answer the question, if it has changed or remained the quality over time in your culture, I have to answer that with a,'' yes, it has changed!

how are our generations different than our parents

May 22nd, 2010

There are several examples for the differences between our generations and our parents generations. First of, back in the days ,the importance of a tradition was a bigger deal to the elders than it is today for the youth, or at least the imortance of a tradition. It seems that today the younger folks they care less of the importance and the value. Young people, have a different life style than it was before. For example, Marriage! 30-40 years ago the rate of divorces was minor than it is today. Nowadays, every other couple get a divorce, and the number is major. Furthermore the number is growing.

do you prefer funny or serious movies?

May 20th, 2010

In my opinion there are several reasons why I would tent more to funny movies than serious movies. First of all, I prefer funny movies more than seriouse movies, because funny movies can cheer you up in a sad moment and amuse you as well. For example, sometimes you come home from work ,you had a rugh day and you are tired, all you want to do is to eat a snack, lay on the sofa and relax, and watch a movie, moreover you need something to cheer you up.

watching TV is bad for children

May 18th, 2010

If a child watches to much TV, yes, I would agree that watching TV as a child would be bad, but if you let your child or children watch TV limited, I do not think it is a bad think for children. For example, time has proved that TV is a very good source to everyone, not only for children. TV shows, movies or News are very important for children. First of, after a movie or a show children have the opportunity to communicate with there parents or friends about the movie, that means they socialize and mingle with each other, furthermore there ability to recap there thoughts about the movie is amazing.

history or mathematic

May 18th, 2010

It has long been a controversy amongst critics and students in the majors of the sciences and arts as to which subjects would be more beneficial to study. While science students claim that its field of study involves intellectual ability, art students feel that the understanding and study of art is far richer in its importance, chiefly in its influence through the evolution of human history. I conclude that a balance in the knowledge of both the subjects is essential, the reasons of which I will lay down.

visit a foreign country

May 17th, 2010

If I would have an opportunity to visit a foreign country that would be awesome! I think everyone who is able to make that experience to visit another culture is blesses in many ways. Ever since I turned 23 years it was a major dream of mine to leave my country and visit another. If you life your life just at one place, and one place only, you are longing to see something different, and in my case I would love to visit a foreign country. For example, I love history, and every land has there own legend, history and traditions, which are very intresting in muliple ways.

make a desicion on your own

May 11th, 2010

Should we make decision on our own? That is a very difficult question to answer. I think in my opinion, I would say "YES" when you are single and "NO" when you are married. Let me explain why. First off, when you are single you must take your life seriousely and try to make your own decisions, you have to learn to stand up for yourself and your mistakes in life and except your consequenses as they come alone. Secondly, You need to make decisons every single day. At work, at home, in a store and even in the morning when you get up.

communication less

May 10th, 2010

Are telephones and emails the reason for less communication between people ? that is a very good question. In my opinion I would go with the opposite question, Telephones and emails are quite a way to keep the contact between people alive. For instant, my sister moved to the Unites States 3 years ago and the communication between her and I are imazing, if it would not be for the telephone or computer/emails we would not have the opportunity to talk or to see each other through webcam for that matter, and thatfore I think

This is a hard question to answer, there are several reason why a teacher should be paid according to

May 3rd, 2010

This is a hard question to answer, there are several reason why a teacher should be paid according to how much students really learn. Approximate there are 65% of all students in one classroom which do not archieve an degree, and sometimes its because teachers do not care enough about the students . Knowledge and wisdom seems to be on secondary place, all the teachers care is to get paid, no matter if they pass on knowledge.

Why do people go to college? That is a very good question. In my opinion, there are several reasons why

April 29th, 2010

Why do people go to college? That is a very good question. In my opinion, there are several reasons why people attend college or University. First of, there are a group of people they are participating in classes because they search for more knowledge, and in college you have a great opportunity to gain knowledge, in many ways. For example, Teachers who are teaching random courses or classes, books , through friends and studends who live on campus or even experience your studend time in your own way.

people work because they need money to life

April 28th, 2010

Nowadays, everyone has to work in oder to survive in life. For example, a Family man needs a job so he can support and provide for his Family. Not only he needs the money to provid food on the table and to provide clothes for his family, but also to pay for serveral builds, such as electricity, phone builds, rent money , car payment and insurans and much more .

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