Essays by Liu zongjie

Risk taking

September 2nd, 2018

Numerous innovations have changed the world so it is better for the older to explore new things because they make lives easier. Cellphone has brought convenience to my grandpa since he could use it.He could message me or make a video call with friends on Wechat that is Chinese WhatsApp.He could also pay for almost everything with mobile wallet,such as food in the supermarket,utility bills,etc.Before he learnt to use cellphone,he had no way keeping in contact with some of his friends who lives distance away.With smart phone,he could see me every time he misses me rather than look at my childhood picture to better.He neither needs to carry cash in his wallet to buy food nor to walk long distance to the post office to pay for water,electricity or gases during the dog days.True,young people also need to go outside of comfort zone in order to remain competitive or be sociable.However,compared with the old,young people are perfectly willing to take risks and try new things determined by biology. For example,teens might try to wear smartwatch partly because everyone else in his/her class use it to count walking steps and compete with each other in mobile apps.They do it because they want to fit in or be liked.In contrast,the old are less likely to give in to peer pressure or show independence by rock climbing,so no wonder they avoid exploring new things.Hence,it is better for the old to embrace these innovations

School sports teams

September 1st, 2018

The financial issues are plaguing our country,and school sports teams are not immune to it.While it is a well-known fact that the financial condition of art club and volunteering club is poor,very little is known about the school sports team suffering.For example, some sports teams have asked team members to bear some of the cost in order to cover expenses of uniforms or equipments.Compared with art club or volunteer club,most sports clubs cannot raise funds with ease because commercials are publicizing their poor financial conditions.It is true that sports clubs can raise funds by by hosting beneficial events by hosting beneficial events like a youth basketball tournament,however,not all sports are as popular as basketball and students cannot organising such event frequently because it is demanding.In contrast,art clubs or volunteering clubs have various fundraiser through the year.Hence,we should help sports team to deal with their financial problems during the economic hardship.

Presentation of a place visually

September 1st, 2018

Presentation of a place visually is the most important aspect of most important aspect.Cleanliness,architecture and unique appearance are integral components of visual presentation.People are likely to use image search engine to find travel photos of possible destinations and make a judgement in a matter of seconds.Nobody wants to travel to a place with undistinguished cityscapes,let alone the ugly ones.Also,it seems improbable that a place covered with trash will become a popular resort to attract tourists.Therefore,the government should fund for the repairment of old buildings.We need to improve their appearance to light up the cityscape,otherwise old buildings can become real eyesores without renovation.Therefore I believe well-perserved historical buildings can attract more travellers.

Learn from friends

September 1st, 2018

It is easy to make friends,however,it is hard to learn something from them.I have a close friend who majors in literatures.She is well-known wit.I can get it but I cannot express my views in the same way.That is because she has been exposed to numerous great works of literature during her schooldays,but I am not familiar with concepts,such as rhythm,metre,which are powerful to make witty remarks.Also,she is good at coming up with fresh and creative ideas since she has tons of response papers to write.These assignments foster creativity which forces her to look at the situation from different angles.Lacking enough practice,I cannot imitate her successfully but appreciate her.Neither can she play the piano piece smoothly without any fault like me,although she has listened to my music many times.

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