Essays by Paras Avkirkar

Academic discipline and Perspective change

July 2nd, 2018

The author claims that the study of an academic discipline alters the way we perceive the world. By exploring and analysing, this claim holds in majority of the cases. I agree with the author that a student’s perspective changes after studying in an academic discipline. After studying her studies in Management and Finance, a student would have different perspective while living in the society. She would understand the impact of inflation on daily commodities and plan for better future than she would have before finishing her graduation. A student after completing his education in Economics would figure out better ways to make investments and generate passive income in the long term. An education alters a person’s way in making decisions in the society. Besides daily decisions, there are other ways how the life after academic discipline changes for a person. It shapes a person’s political views as a future citizen in her country. For instance, a student who studied Social and Political Sciences, could gauge the future consequences of policies advocated by any presidential candidates. No matter what philosophy, conservatism or liberalism, the student stood for before finishing up the education, she would gauge the impact of a certain political action on the society. Education in Political Sciences would expand the student’s horizon which in turn would help her to judge and vote for better leaders. There is other side to this issue, how studying in a particular academic discipline alters a student perspective of the world. A student studies with people of the age similar to his, struggling within same academic discipline for excellence. A student is surrounded by people having similar goals to his in the academic environment. This fact itself creates a social bubble of similar minds having similar thoughts or opinions. This hides the broader and holistic view of the world from a student. Hence, the student’s perspective after finishing his study in the specific academic discipline would be different. In this broad journey of life, there are somethings that are not influenced by academic experience. For example, a student’s affection for his parents and siblings is not altered after completing his education. Neither the general etiquettes followed in society are harmed by an academic discipline. A basic habit of politeness and respect for fellow human beings still remains. After close analysis, of this claim made by author, I agree that a student’s perspective of the world alters in most of the aspects.

Dairy products and bone fractures

July 2nd, 2018

At the beginning, author argued for benefits of dairy products in preventing osteoporosis. Later she described a particular study and its observations, concluding that a diet rich in dairy products increase the risk of osteoporosis, rather than prevent it. After close scrunity, I see multiple lacunae in the observations made by the study and hence I disagree with the author’s conclusion. The author mentions about the people in the study who consistently consumed dairy products had higher rate of bone fratures. She have not expanded on the type of people who were included in the study. May be, a large number of people who were under study were already victims of osteoporosis. People who were analysed by the study could already had bone fractures, hence the study found a majority of dairy products consumers in the study had higher rate of bone fractures. The study could have erroneously attributed the cause behind bone fractures to the consistent consumption of dairy products. The author herself stated that osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones weaken significantly with age due to environmental or genetic factors. Therefore, this fact itself weakens her argument of dairy products being the likely cause of osteporosis. People under study could have genetic history of osteoporosis or bone fractures. Hence, consumption of dairy products cannot be attributed for increasing risk of osteoporosis. The author have not delienated on the diet followed by people under the study besides dairy product. Bone fractures or osteoporosis could be caused by a specific diet pattern. Certain foods may also increase the risk of osteoporosis. A result of higher rate of bone fractures in the study could have been caused by some other food of which the dairy products took the blame. Author could have provided us with the details about the participants in the study. She could have explained the diet patterns followed by people under study. Any evidence regarding genetic history of participants or environmental conditions of the region participants belong to, would also help to evaluate the author’s argument. Due to foregoing reasons, I am not convinced with the author’s argument. I disagree with the claim that dairy products may increase the risk of osteoporosis.

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