Essays by Basma Hashmi-Saif

Technology comes with its pros and cons

June 30th, 2018

There is no doubt that technology is one of the most revolutionary innovation of this era.It has brought infinite changes in this world in such a short span of time.As much as I concur the uses it has brought to us, i also admit that it has proven to have a equally negative impact.

Deer’s population decline

April 19th, 2018

So,here the author is discussing about the diminishing population of deers in the islands of Canada's arctic region.He states the conditions of their sustainability in a specific environment - that is not too cold to have some plants yet have enough ice, allowing them to migrate to different islands.Further more,author claims the reason of declining deer population to be global warming.He also mentions that local hunters have reported decreased deer population as well.

Replacing books in the library that are more in demand

April 18th, 2018

Here,the author is discussing about the books taking place in library.He assumes that ,mostly people are interested into reading newer books.He claims that older books should be replaced by recent books with sufficient copies and small protests against this action should be ignored.

Drawbacks of hi-pace lifestyle

March 18th, 2018

With the advent of technology and advancement of of this Era,it has been a rollercoaster ride for all the humans,rather all the creatures of our planet.We cannot disagree how much humans have benefited from it,but it comes with its own set of problems.We have changed our priorities which have resulted in a high pace lifestyle.There should be a balance between our schedules,such that we can embrace ourselves and give quality time to ourselves and loved ones.Indeed as a human,our emotional health is as important as other main aspects of life.

Thinning of Ozone layer and species extinction

March 18th, 2018

The author is discussing the effects of thinning of ozone layer.He assumes that population of salamander species is declining and claims that the population of many other species will reduce too as a deleterious effect of thin ozone layer. Ozone layer is a protective layer surrounding Earth's atmosphere.It defintately protects our planet from many foreign harmful effects.Its thinning due to pollution caused by man,is not a positive in any way,but it we cannot blame thin ozone layer for diminishing species in our planet.There are many factors which are also causing decline in many species. Most of the animals survive in forests and dense jungles.Increase in Urban lifestyles and lack of natural forests is also an important attribute for many species. Of course,over the time genetic mutations tend to occur,many animals adapt themselves to the current conditions ,while some dont.Not to mention,its a law of nature too,just like dinasuars existed before and then diminished,many survived other species are still in existence too.We know that dinasaurs didnt die due to thinning of ozone layer.So,its does not seem a valid idea to me blaming Ozone layer. The author is assuming that ultravoilet layers kill salamander eggs,hence making their species extinct but Ultravoilet rays dont seem to be that strong to penetrate the skin of this animal,causing death,author does not provide any scientific proof.population of Salamander can die due to lack of food resources or some genetic mutation or even unhygienic water conditions. Thinning of ozone layer is very harmful for our planet and it comes with its own set of problems,Proper measures should be taken to prevent this phenomenon happening,but making species extinct definately does not sound fair enough.

Changes in format of radio station

March 14th, 2018

An idea is suggested for a radio channel KNOW,to change its fomrat from rock and roll music to continous news.It is assumed that it will attract more listeners. Although news and political updates are important for majority of population,Entertainment is very high in demand among all group ages.Considering stressful lifestyles of so many people out there,music makes it a relaxing and cheerful effect ,helping them to be optimistic and happy. Assuming that most of the listeners on radio are elderly,is not quite right.Many people while driving ,working out and different casual activities of the day tend to listen radio and they certainly enjoy music much more than listening to current affairs which may cause more stress to them. Music sales in stores does not mean that people do not enjoy music.There are many sources of music besides stores e.g internet.Music industry is a big hit and its main source popularity has become internet.People do not need to go to stores anymore. By changing the format of the radio to all news can lead to decline of many listeners in a long run.Because the phase of elections would last for a limited time.Therefore,its a good idea to keep news accompanied with some music to attract listeners of all types. Media has always been a great source of recreation.Besides being much more than just entertainment,it should definately deliver political news,healthcare and education about various aspects of life-making it a strong productive media. Radio is a wonderful medium like many nowadays and its effectiveness on our lives should not be undermined.Both music and news bring balance and calls individuals of all types and ages.

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