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May 6th, 2018

A glance at people attitude toward transportation vehicles brings to light a question that has provoked discussions several times, that is, which one serves more to human beings. In the past decades, technology improved our lives dramatically and made a lot of things possible for us. Each of them has specific role in the modern life that we cannot ignore it. In my point of view, automobiles have changed the world more than the rest.

People work because they need money to live

May 6th, 2018

A glance at people attitude toward career brings to light a question that has provoked a discussion several times, that is, whether people work because of money or other factors influence their decision. More than five decades ago, people continued their family vocations because they had learnt a lot of information and skill about it. There was not any other opportunity for them to choose their careers. In contrast, modern people in this century face with a lot of career’s options and the money is not a big factor to work. Definitely, we cannot ignore the effect of money but satisfaction and intrinsic sociability of human kinds are two other reasons.

Young people nowadays do not give enough time to help their communities

October 15th, 2017

Nowadays, people anticipate the youth to serve their communities more than the past. Although some may asking juveniles to respect more to the principles, others believe that the new generation should create their own rules and follow them. In my opinion, adolescents cannot devote enough time to the society and this is not because of lacking respect. As a young member of Indian community, I assert that we are not able to assist our community when we need some aid ourselves.

Borrowing money from a friend

October 15th, 2017

Monetary problems are common in friendship. In difficulties, we may borrow or lend money and help each other. However, the question is that whether these contributions damage the relationship or not. Different people with different personalities act controversially. In my opinion, financial issues cannot obscure my links with my friends. First of all, I do not care about money. Sometimes I forget that I lent money, book or handsfree to somebody. For example, when I was at university, one of my close friends told me that she encounter a huge problem because she had to pay $6000 to lawyer. I knew that she wants to get her divorce and had tough life. I tried to help her and after several months I could not remember when I spend $6000. It was like a big mystery for me and I could not find my answer! Two years later, she returned my money and she was successful at court. In that time I realized what happened for my account. Thus, I learned to write my transactions at least while currency is not something valuable for me. Furthermore, keeping friendship is more important than anything else in the world. We have to choose several close friends and then accept some responsibilities. What is the exact meaning of amity? It means stay together in happiness and sadness. In the former example, I could tell my friend that she have to solve her problem alone and it is not my fault and then I am sure when I run into trouble, my other friends will leave me alone. Therefore, if financial hardships can affect a relationship, definitely it is not worth to continue it. Admittedly, some people are ignorant and it is possible to not give back the money or item. Nevertheless, this concern can be eliminated if we find our friends among trustworthy people and then strengthen our connections. After some months or years of cognition of people, it is time to separate our close friends and stand with them. To wrap up aforementioned discussion, monetary issues cannot ruin a true friendship and If they did so, it shows us that it is not a true one and it is better to abandon it.

Duties at work

October 15th, 2017

Nowadays, there is a hot debate about duties in work environment. Although some people prefer to repeat similar tasks all day long, others prefer to take risks, have different types of task and improve their skills. In my view, a creative job is better and assist me to stay happier.

Complain in writing or complain in person

October 11th, 2017

Nowadays, customer services allow people to announce their opinion about different products. In business world, client satisfaction is the base of competence so the customers' viewpoints definitely matter. Some people write reviews online, whereas others inform employers in person. Each method has its specific advantages and disadvantages which provides the customers opportunities to declare their comments. In my view, although writing is a passive style, I like it because I have several bad experiences to talk about poor products or services.

Complain about a product or poor service

October 11th, 2017

Nowadays, customer services allow people to announce their opinion about different products. Some writes review online, positive or negative, whereas others complain in person. Each method has its specific advantages and disadvantages which gives the customers opportunities to declare their comments. In my view, writing is better and I have several experiences to talk about poor products or services.

Stay healthy

October 11th, 2017

Nowadays, after enormous progress of medical knowledge, there is a hot debate about different ways to stay healthy. Although practitioners inform people to follow these simple rules, they do not pay attention so the rate of diseases are higher than past decades. As a pharmacist, I noticed that some small changes can make a huge difference in the health topic. I walk fast about 30 minutes every day which helps me to feel fresher. In my view sport is an important key for healthful life.

Busy parents

October 11th, 2017

Nowadays, psychologists emphasize on strong relationship between parents and children. As parents are busier and have limited time, there is a hot debate about the most efficient way of using time to be a good parents. Although some people may think that parenting is all about teaching new skills and help the children to do their assignments, in my view, playing with our sons and daughters is more effective.

Attend schools ooutside home country

October 11th, 2017

Nowadays, immigration is more common than past centuries. People want to immigrate for different reasons such as war, education, work or trade and are willing to change their situations. The majority of immigrants are students who seek an authentic degree in other countries and they are interested to expand their knowledge and experience. Although some people assert that immigration has more disadvantages than advantages, I believe that it gives them a lot of excellent opportunities which they could not obtain in the home country. The foremost reason why I am supporting this idea lies in the fact that top ranked university centralized in industrial countries. For example, Harvard University has the best medical school in the world so practitioners aspire to get graduated there. If a student can study medicine in that university, his future job with high salary is guaranteed. Hence, annually, one million studious and diligent pupils all over the world compete to get admission of famous university and enroll there because it is a huge honor and prestige. Another subtle point that I should deem is the fact that live somewhere away from family makes juveniles independent. They learn how to handle their problems and encounter difficulties. It is not simple to speak in a different language then rent an apartment, purchase merchandises, pay the bills and open an account in the bank. Not only does nobody else assist them to manage life hardships but also mentally they feel alone and cannot confide to people. Therefore, this makes them to grow and become mature. Admittedly, expatriation is not a good solution for some people so they should not take this risk. If a person is really attached to his parents, it causes significant problems like addiction, improper relationship with opposite gender and bankruptcy. Nevertheless, this worry can be eliminated if fathers and mothers allow their children live independently since childhood and enforce them to accept some responsibilities. Thus, I still insist that positive aspects of expatriation are more than negative ones. Due to the aforementioned argument explored in the previous statements, if apprentices are enthusiastic to be more knowledgeable and expert, immigration is a good option, otherwise, it is better to stay in their home countries.

Preparing for a trip

October 11th, 2017

Preparing for trip is the hardest part of it. I admit that it is a tough decision to choose necessary items because carrying all stuff is a hinder in the trip. Although for some people it may seem unessential and heavy, I prefer to take my professional camera. Even if I have to reduce my personal items and clothing, I pick my camera in all trip. The foremost reason why I am supporting this idea lies in the fact that I am an amateur photographer so taking a lot of photos assist me to amend my mistakes. For example, after each trip and more than 1000 photos, my mentor choose 10 percent of them and advise me how to use my skills. Thus, each travel and journey gives me some new suggestions and experiences to modify my portfolios which is definitely precious for me. Another subtle point that I should deem is the fact that pictures are capture of moments and I enjoy to review them later. It is amazing to share my enjoyable memories which I went through them with my friends. For instance, the ancient Catholic church of Vatican and its amazing paintings draw attentions so not only can I convince my friends to visit this fabulous country sooner, but also it is like that I am experiencing those fantastic moments again and again. Hence, camera seize time for me and give me the opportunity to live in the specific time frame more than once. Admittedly, it is not comfortable to bear camera’s accessories everywhere such as mountains or ocean. Sometimes I feel a bad backache then need to rest one day at hotel. Nevertheless, if I travel with my relatives, they help me to carry them because they know how much important it is for me. Furthermore, I understood that a standard backpack can eliminate this problem or make it easier. Due to aforementioned argument explored in the previous statements taking camera in travel is very useful and beneficial especially if you go to trip a lot.

How to use a sum of money

October 5th, 2017

Some people prefer to spend their money on something valuable whereas the others think it is better to spend it for personal enjoyments. Sometimes the correct decision is really difficult and we have to evaluate situations. In my opinion, if someone does not have his own car, he should purchase one instead of wasting it.

Compare the way of your life with that of your parents

October 5th, 2017

World changes so fast that we may not believe it. Science, technology, psychology and medicine are few aspects of life revolution. Different generations experience different situations, hobbies, ideas and customs which is strange and unaccustomed for others. Nor my generation’s way of life neither my parents’ is satisfying for the next generations. First of all, technology invents modern devices and new method of handling tasks. For example, my parents’ generation had to search their needs among books or ask the knowledgeable people whereas we easily find a lot of proper answers for our questions via Internet less than ten minutes. I am pretty sure that Silicon Valley will show something new for next generation which is more satisfying. Therefore, people should stick to their specific decade’s conditions and technology.

In my opinion, have a nice trip needs some essential factors according to people personality. Some prefer to travel alone

October 1st, 2017

In my opinion, have a nice trip needs some essential factors according to people personality. Some prefer to travel alone while others are interested in traveling with a companion. In my view, it depends on the trip duration. Sometimes I feel more comfortable to travel alone and sometimes with my friends.

It is better to use printed material

September 28th, 2017

Nowadays, people access new information via internet which is has some advantages. On the other hand, printed materials are not eliminated because of their important role in transporting data. This creates a hot debate between supporters of each groups. In my opinion, using internet is the better method of research in this era.

Open discussion

September 28th, 2017

"Listen to it then memorize for one week, read it to memorize for one month, look at it to memorize for one year but if you one to understand it for your whole life, do it yourself.” This proverb completely illustrates the importance of actively participating in learning process at classes. In my opinion classes with open discussions are better than those with a lot of lectures.

We can learn more from people at a higher level than us

September 24th, 2017

Controversy exists over whether we can learn more from people at a higher level than us than people at the same level as us. I believe, however, everyone in every level can teach us something new and valuable. The level of education and even age do not matter at all.

Grades (marks) encourage students to learn

September 24th, 2017

Always we encounter controversial debate about education and grading system. From student perspective, it may not seem fair to judge them based on their score but teachers and parents think that grades encourage students to learn. In my opinion, rating students has some advantages besides a few disadvantages which we cannot ignore them.

People spend too much time on personal enjoyment

September 24th, 2017

Controversy exists over whether today more time should be allocated to do things people should do rather than doing things they like to do. I believe, however, spending time on personal enjoyment is highly beneficial due to bolstering people's morale and motivating them to do obligatory tasks.

A new high school

September 21st, 2017

One of the rigors of the modern hectic life is choosing an appropriate work schedule in order to have sufficient time for both your work and your personal life. Controversy exists over whether having a job with five days and shorter hours is far more efficient than three days of work with longer hours. I believe, however, working only three days a week for long hours enables people to have more hours of sheer happiness to spare and have more incentives to work hard.

Why you selected your major

September 20th, 2017

Nowadays, there are a lot of different majors and career that give people this opportunity to find the most proper one for their future. Some decades ago, people had several options like farming and teaching and trading, but we have more choices in this era. I chose to be a pharmacist ten years ago when I was at high school and now I feel it was a really good selection for two reasons.

Teachers should not make their social or political view known to students

September 10th, 2017

Most people respect teachers because of their knowledge and thoughts. They are patient and kind with their students and tolerate every hardship to teach pupils. The strong relationship between teacher and students makes it a good way for illustrating political or social views. Although some people assert that the induction of teachers’ opinions to students is very good, others believe that it has a lot of disadvantages. In my opinion, a good teacher is who that teach students how think rather than what think. First of all, the foremost reason why I am supporting this idea lies in the fact that human makes mistakes and there is no exception. If a teacher train his opinions to students, they would learn a mixture of negative and positive ideas. It is logical that we want to raise children who are better than us and if they think the same as our generation, they cannot develop the world. Parents wish to decrease false behaviors and increase correct ones. Hence, it is very important to avoid teaching political views to students. Moreover, another subtle point that I should deem is the fact that the process of thinking is more significant than thoughts. The society needs people who can invent and discover new rules and criticize issues. Nobody wants to have children without the sense of challenging ideas. If teachers focus on their own standpoint and compel pupils to accept them, in hard decisions, they cannot find the best solution. So, far from our ideas, students should discover the right and wrong. Admittedly there are some advantages of showing teachers’ social view to students. For example, ethics principles are very important and mentors can help them to understand them. Nevertheless, this worry can eliminated by safe experiences in the community. For instance, if we anticipate an honest child, we can show him the bad result of lies. Therefore, it is not necessary that teachers concentrate on accepted laws. Due to the aforementioned argument explored in the previous statements, I recommend that professors assist students to analyze everything without any bias.

Sports activities or university libraries

September 10th, 2017

For two decades, it is always a hot debate on universities’ budget and how to spend it. Some administrators believe that university is a symbol of learning and teaching. So, the money should not be spent on trivial activities which is not related to education. On the other hand, some others think that even sports and social activities are related to education and can determine future success.

A lot of advertisements are designed to be attractive, even if they are exaggerated or attached false facts on them.

September 10th, 2017

The marketing field is one of the most important aspects of business. As an MBA student I can assert that without marketing, all companies cannot sell even one product. People trend to buy those products with good-looking and some nice and specific words on them. It is reasonable that companies do their best to compete and show their products more appealing and attractive.

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