Essays by Zinna


March 2nd, 2018

Dating back to a thousand years ago, human beings are still limited in a small island, the only way to travel for a long distance is to walk with the horse for months. It takes more than a month to simply send a mail to their friends within the country, not to say across the country. However, ever since the accelerated development of human civilization, perpetual scientific discoveries have accompanied mankind all along the journey. It was by the invention of airplane that modern people have been able to fly through different continents. The merits of airplane are not only this, but can be discussed for more than a week without pause. To sum it up, we can categorize it into 3 aspects: goods delivering speed, human's communication, and the development of this society.

External influence and inner deficiency

March 1st, 2018

Ever since the accelerated development of human civilization, the discovery of human itself has become a hot issue. There is a widely saying goes, though human now have the ability to control their own life, they tend to spend more of the time on personal enjoyment rather than what the society need them to do, what they should do. From my perspective, I strongly agree with this statement, for the sake of the invention of digital devices and deficiencies in education.

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