Essays by Hannah Lee

Human beings always vexed

May 23rd, 2018

Modern human beings face a strange paradox; surely we made prominent progress, but we are yet to be free from persistent conundrums of the world. On this basis, some believe the difficulty of the conundrums in these days is more significant, while others contend that the degree of the perplexity does not ultimately differ. I agree with the latter perspective; even though the modern world wrecks its mind on questions about bioethics, environmental conservation or health, all human being has had equal degree of concern throughout a history.

Defense of individual work

April 23rd, 2018

Collaboration is praised in all spheres of our society. From kindergarten to high-politics government, we are encouraged to work in teams. The group work, however, should not be blanketly recommended to every person or to every type of task. I believe there are people who are more productive in solitary maneuver, and tasks which are conducted better without collaboration. In addition, the group work sometimes discourages members due to the unequal reward and recognition, which inevitably occur frequently.


April 21st, 2018

In our times, the minute ramification of academic research is frequently criticized for the limited impact and qualified practicality. The specialization, however, is not necessarily linked to the breadth of reach or the practical applicability. Two correlations made in the given statement contain serious flaws and neither is true.

The role of school

April 15th, 2018

In these days, numbers and statistics have bigger voice than insubstantial aspects of our life. It is under this circumstance where the numerable academic achievement of each school has been stressed. At one extreme, some people argue that the role of school teacher is to just impart textbook knowledge to his/her pupils. However, this impoverished view ignores the fact that school is a sort of society, however small and skewed, in which children encounter a heterogeneous human assembly. There are a lot of conflicts, negotiation, and association which naturally occur among school children. Considering this reality, it is impossible to completely deny that school is responsible for children’s socialization.

Soy protein

March 20th, 2018

The fortification of nutrition is one of common strategies for cereal companies, and some customers have been convinced to the advertisement related to health. The course of president’s thought is, however, too simplistic to have the increase of profit guaranteed. There are three big holes in his argument.

Tech and creativity

March 19th, 2018

Nowadays, the influx of information and developing technology are widely perceived to deprive human beings of creativity and deep contemplation. However, this proposition is in fact has two serious flaws. First, there is no strong correlation between the flood of factual information and creative process. Second, even if the easy access to knowledge impairs some aspects of human beings’ ability, it does not discourage creative thinking.

The anxiety of the general manager at a radio station

March 18th, 2018

Although the anxiety of the general manager at radio station is reasonable, none of those three elements presented in the memorandum does not consist a sound case for changing the radio station’s strategy. To begin with, the manager assumes that older people will prefer news to rock-and-roll music in his first rationale. The conception might correspond to the general perception. However, under the current circumstance, despite KNOW radio station captures rock-and-roll music, the number of older listeners increased, while younger listeners left the program. This situation might indicate that the constant listener of KNOW radio would not want the program to become news channel. Therefore, the new strategy may result in another loss of popularity. Moreover, the manager is myopic for his/her frame of reference does not contain the difference of media. The second and the third rationales reveal this point. In the former case, the shrink of recorded music sales in local music stores is not necessarily linked to the decreased interest in music as a whole. The manager should consider the popularity of music on the Internet and on the online store. In the latter case, the manager fails to observe that what he/she discovered was that people would like to know about politics on TV news, not through radio news. The aroused interest in politics may also gather listeners to radio station, but the manager should not forget that the attraction of TV as a visible media is fundamentally different from that of radio, and the blanket correlation cannot be made. Finally, even if the public interest in politics would lead people to listen to the radio as it does for TV, the manager should beware that the moment of his observation was right before the election and that is an unusual circumstance. That level of public interest is likely to be ephemeral. Unless KNOW radio station is a temporary institution for the coming election, reliance on the information will not create a strategy to attract listeners constantly. In conclusion, the new policy is not based on robust information or observation. The preferences of older and younger people are not well-examined, the difference between TV and radio is not taken into consideration, and the temporary phenomenon is unreliable to shift the whole radio program throughout.

Private property

January 27th, 2018

Residence largely influences our quality of lives. We spend at least a third of a day in our houses. I would definitely like to live out of university property. Although many people surmise that a student life on campus is more convenient, living outside campus in fact has more benefits. Two advantages in terms of money and surrounding are discussed below.

The United Kingdom

January 20th, 2018

Spending two weeks abroad must widen our horizon whichever country we choose. Considering my current circumstance, the United Kingdom is the first choice. Firstly, for academic reason, and secondly to meet my childhood friends.

We need a teacher

January 20th, 2018

Nowadays, the influx of online self-teaching material endangers a human educator. Many people no longer employ a tutor for learning skills and subjects. Yet, I believe we considerably benefit from teachers and solitary self-teaching should be avoided. Two reasons are unfolded in the following section.

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