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University tutors

May 17th, 2018

Before freshemen step into the campus of a university, there might be a provision in their mind, an imagination of what the university should be like derived from the indirect information sources such as newspapers, televisions and their high school teachers. However, the picture they depict usually fails to match the reality in university. In this scenario, the most effective help they urgently need is the direct guidance from university tutors.

The indispensable part – science and mathematics

January 20th, 2018

When it comes to what kind of subject is more important for us, opinions always differ. Hence, personally speaking, I think it is more necessary to study science and mathematics rather than history and literature. I can think of no better illustration of this argument than an anecdote of my two friends. What they will do when something bad occurs is quite disparate. One of my friends called Frank, who majors in computer science, may think about how to solve it. However, the other one called Jack Wang, whose specialty is Chinese literature, will complain about why it takes place. It is obvious that people feel like to making friends with Frank instead of Jack. Therefore, I prefer to study science and mathematics.

Health care

November 26th, 2017

Health care, a foundational part of our society, has been valued and even triggered a heated discussion about whether cleaning the environment is the most important thing the government should do to improve it. In many people's opinions, the most vital thing is to clean the environment to make the health care better. Contrary to their opinions is my perspective that there are other ways, such as improving medical technology and building more sport infrastructures, that are better than cleaning the environment.

What do you think of games

November 26th, 2017

Games, significant parts in students' daily life, have been valued and even triggered a heated discussion about whether young students should be allowed to play video games. In many people's opinions, video games will distract students and is a waste of time. Contrary to their opinions is my perspective that video games can bring benefits to both students' academics and personal development.

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