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People behave differently when they wear different clothes

January 14th, 2018

Our clothes are one of the most characteristics of our appearance in our life. We make the preconception from people’s clothes, face, and behavior at first views. Some people believe that differently when they wear different clothes, others would disagree. From my point of view, clothes that we wear influence our behavior for two important reasons. First, people show different reaction based on your appearance and it affects your behavior. When you wear different clothes, people may show negative reaction. Hence, you may feel angry or upset. For example, in some boutique, the sellers have unique customers; they usually buy their clothes from certain places. One day, we were on the way back of the gym, my friend and I decided to buy skirt as gift for one of our friends for her birthday. I knew the boutique that had beautiful woman’s dress and it was in our way. Our appearance were not as same as usual but it was the best chance to buy a gift because we could buy our gift and made her surprised. In the store, the boutique was crowded. The sales person asked us about what we need and he showed us their woman’s dresses that was unique and bestselling. After that, we choose one of them and paid it. When we want to went out, the seller forgot that we paid it before and they think that we were robbery but after showing the bill, they found that they made a mistake. We were upset because of his impolite behavior and their mistake. This experience taught me that the people react based on your clothes and it affect our behavior. Second, the certain clothes is appropriate for certain work. When you wear clothes as same as your co-workers, it seems as uniform and the clients feel reliability. For example, I worked in travel agency for two years. We had a uniform that made us different from others because our clothes designed by one of the art student ad it was based on our culture. I like my uniform because I feel confident. Every day, the clients appreciate about our appearance and we asked them to tell us their opinion about our changes. As a result, our appearance not only lead to increase the sales and clients but also it leads to change our behaviors because we feel confident and happiness. As you can see our appearance impact on our behavior. As I have illustrated, your clothes influence your behavior. Some people treat you based on your clothes and you have to wear specific clothes for certain work. If you want to feel confidence, you have to be careful about what you wear.

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