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The extended family is less important now than it was in the past

December 28th, 2017

The 21th century has witnessed huge social changes in every aspects in our daily life. And the importance of the extended family has also been put on the focal point nowadays. From my personal perspective, the extended family is playing a smaller role than it did in the past decade. First of all, due to the advanced transportation system in this information age, people do travel a lot and many of them choose to move to another city, or even another country, to obtain more job opportunities or better life quality. No longer do extended family live together. Although family members can still get in touch with each other via modern devices such as mobile phone whenever or wherever they want, it is seldom an easy thing for them to get together and celebrate some important festivals. With time went by, this long-distance relationship will gradually weaken the significance of extended families fades with the busier life. Apart from this, with the accelerating pace of life, people are burdened with much more pressure than ever before. Thus, they are left with less time to main their relationship with extended family members. My roommate Emma is a good case in point. As cheerleader and a member of the student union, she has to spare no effort to balance her study and after school activities, which makes her as busy as a bee. Although she misses her grandparents desperately, hardly had she takes time from her busy schedule to make even a phone call. Specifically, an exceptional phenomenon is worth our attention in China where i come from. On account of the controversial family planning policy which only allow a couple to give birth to one child in their lifetime. Extended family is actually turning into the so-called nuclear family consisting of only three family members. In that case, extended families will be undoubtedly less important now than it was in the past. To summarize, due to the longer distance,busier life and smaller family size, the importance of extended family is weakened.

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