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why attend college

December 19th, 2017

After graduating from school, many students choose directly enter the work force. Other students, however, decided to attend college to obtain more knowledge. As for the reasons for attending college, different people hold different opinion, I believe the most common reasons involved are to gain more knowledge, prepare for career and accumulate new experience.

which is more important,book knowledge or experience?

December 19th, 2017

In general, knowledge gained from books has a wider range than that gained from experience. We now live in a world that typophile is no longer exorbitant, and that printed matters are readily available. In libraries, we can learn nearly everything only if we have already acquired basic reading skills, philosophy, history, literature, physics, mathematics, chemicals, biology, geography, anthropology, and the list will go on. Unlike the experience of an individual that is limited by the range of that individual, books seem to have almost no limitation. Sitting in the local library, we virtually can travel everywhere through an interesting geographic encyclopedia, and certainly, with nearly no expense at all.

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