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Parents should express their disapproval

November 18th, 2017

“To say or not to say”:that is a question.When it comes to that parents whether express their disapproval to teachers,the debate in both the community and the common world has come to a vogue.Should parents communicate with teachers face to face or should they keep silence?As for me,I commit to the notion that parents should express their disapproval.

Technology has made the world a better place to live

October 29th, 2017

Having a glance at situation of world,people could arrive in somewhere far from home just in a day or they can get in touch with somebody easily.Many of us enjoy life like this and praise benefits of technology .However,I think technology make world a worse place to live. To begin with,few of us would deny that our world becomes increasingly crowded.In the on hand,because of advance in science,a number of people can afford for a car with low price ,then the number of car increases.One thing we feel about when we are go for a hurry is that the transportation,as a technological tool to make our life more convenient,often let us late for some special situation.More than once I get up late and choose to take a taxi to school,in the end,I am catch in a traffic jam and late for class.In this case,we can realize how jammed our transportation is.In the other hand,our medical technology also improves which means people could enjoy better health care.Take an over view of global situation in this case,the number of people exploded within a few year and cause many problems like shortage of sources. The major reason why I oppose the statement is that technology bring world with pollution.During the first industrial revolution,steam engine was invented by Watt which means our world come into a new era.However,along with it is the smoky air that people couldn’t see even during the day.In 1952,smog incidence in London cause many people to death because of air pollution.With development of technology,nowadays,the tragedy like that is hardly to happen.But it is a common phenomena that PM2.5 continue increasing in some district.Also,more than once I see dead fishes in colored water on TV news owing to plant effuent.Evidently,the development of tech-niche make people live in a worse environment which is likely harmful to health of human beings. Beyond enormous obvious reasons,however,there lies a more in-depth cause that there is fewer green land owing to expansion of city.With new technology of constructions,a large area of greenbelt replaced by skyscrapers.Imaging you are in a new apartment and look around the scene out of window,just boring buildings taller than taller with gray wall.That exactly make people feel depressed.Similarly,when you are tired with computer work and want to relax eyes by overlooking the green land,there is little place with little tree planted by workers.We have no idea that the land of city’s expansion.But one thing is for sure that if we continue occupying the green land,the world we live would become less vivid. In conclusion,technology bring us a lot of irreversible and inevitable problems.It makes the world filled with polluted air and land.So the world become a worse place to live.

We can learn more from people at a higher level

October 22nd, 2017

As youth to make contribution to society in the future,we have a lot of knowledge to learn,which not only learn from textbooks,but also from other people.They might be teachers,old-brothers and sisters even parents.The common feature of them is that they are at higher level than us. The major reason for my propensity for the statement is that people in higher levels could be much of experience and knowledge in many aspects.With teachers,when you come across a problem that classmates also can’t deal with ,you could get in touched with them and ask for help.It is the same that if you want to cook a meal for yourself for the first time,parents’ advise is better than coeval who is almost newbie to kitchen.As for workforce freshmen,the experience of predecessor is of great importance to adapt to a new environment.When you are exposed to a strange environment,with peers competition,their opinion can make you less worried. The other reason why I support the statement is that it is a common phenomena that we always pay respect to people in higher place. Because of respect,we are eager to be like them and learn from them.One thing we feel about that when we are in college is that professor,who is not only a teacher but also a expert in their domain,respected by students. We pay attention to the class and raise questions to them so that we can get more touches with them.It is similar to entertainment.More than once when movie actors mention their icons,no one would be with no fame.All the icon they respect are with great honor or with perfect acting skill.As to improve themselves,they could watch icon’s films and practice their performance.Thus,with respect to others,we have more impetus to fulfill ourselves. Admittedly,we could also learn from people who are at same level as us.As confucius said: among the three people walking ahead of me, there must be one who could be a teacher of mine.For example,you are good at literature but have trouble in math and your friend is a math talent,you can turn him or her for help.However,they can’t compared with teachers in many aspects because of their age.Though as talent as Newton and Edison,without teachers’ guidance,they couldn’t make success.No matter what kind of people we are,we’d learn more from people in higher place. In conclusion,with respect, we learn more from people in the higher place ,who are of much experience and knowledge in many aspects.

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