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Do advertisements tell a lot about a country?

November 12th, 2017

Advertisement is nothing but a notice which recommends regarding a particular thing. In this technological world it is the best medium to make people aware of a lot of things. Advertising is done on lot of subjects and it has been a productive effort of the companies to create and air the advertisements in such a manner, as 4 out of 5 people are aware of the product. Many forms of advertisements like pamphlets, audios or visual representations. These are the major benefits is as any person whether literate or illiterate is able to decode those. To know regarding any particular thing advertisements are done and companies do advertise so that they get benefited more than their competitors and stay up in the market. One of the categories of advertising is regarding a particular country which makes people aware of different things in that country and globally the country can be recognized. it is observed that there are tourism advertisements of a country or any special product that has been manufactured in a country marking its unique feature. due to such advertisements people get to know the hotspots of the country and tend to do as the advertisements say. For example if the advertisement is regarding tourism it might occur that people will try to visit the places. As India is a land of spices advertising them can increase their export and economy of the country can get be boosted. On the other hand, advertisements are generally used to show a positive side of a thing rather than any minor disadvantages. As it’s the human tendency which thinks regarding flaws first, and if they are mentioned in the advertisements then the purpose of the advertisement cannot be fullfiled. So saying advertisements tells a lot about any country totally can be easily flawed. But there are advertisements which are beneficial for the human beings and to the country and do share important information. Hence advertising is a beneficial task but it does not tell a lot about the country as the darker side is not shown in it. Yes it gives a brief information which is most of the times beneficial and sufficient as far as the people are considered and the advertiser is benefited without any harm to the population.

Public transport or roadways, what should be improved?

November 12th, 2017

The use of public transport is always beneficial as far as the growing population is concerned. These can be successful on the roads that are built to carry them. The government of any country would try to improvise both these things simultaneously so that the population is benefited. Improving simultaneously cannot be easy, as while developing them many problems can occur. Hence the govt. should think accordingly and try to take steps such that they can be improved without any harm to civilians. Should govt. spend more money on improvising roads and highways or they should spend on improvising more on the public transport is an important question? Selecting to improvising on the public transport can lead to many beneficial outcomes. If a city like India is considered, then the working population is very large that goes to work on the same time. This may lead to lot of traffic and hence creates a problem. If the public transport is not that efficient then people relying on it becomes very less. Improvising the public transport that contains buses, local trains and subways may lead to a drastic change in the traffic as people having similar routes will try to use these ways of transport and if they like the service provided, then they would opt for it and advise others too; which would decrease in traffic and road accidents. This will lead to less sound and air pollution as the number of vehicles traversing would reduce to a certain extent, and the decision taken by the government to improvise these public transport can get a positive feedback. Similarly if the govt. take steps to improvise the roadways that are used for transport can also lead to less accidents as many a times accidents are created due to the improper construction of roads. Improvising roadways and highways is a sign of developing city and updates the nearby areas. The public transports are also dependent on them as the transport becomes more efficient if the roads on which they travel are properly constructed without any hurdles. Hence we can say that the govt. cannot only work on improvising any one of these things as they go hand in hand, though improvising both the things simultaneously is a difficult task. A possible solution would be that roadways can be improved first and then the public transport can be improved, but the decision taken by the govt. should be according to the situations that are present at that particular time

Parent or a teacher, whose role is more important?

November 12th, 2017

The statement given by the author itself is a debatable one as it won’t have any definite answer as many people would have different opinions. Parents are the two most important building blocks for every living beings on this planet. A teacher is one who is always looked at for help guidance and also for taking many important decisions in our lives. As a child grows he is first guided by his parents and then eventually by teachers that come across in his life during his academics. To speak broadly on this topic we should consider some real life example as follows. Firstly for a new born baby all the care is taken by his parents and he is bought up and is taught to walk, speak and do some daily chores by them which help him to grow. Yes for this very first stage of life parents are the best teachers and they not only help in this early stage but always stay with their children in all conditions guiding them through their difficult situations, especially in case of teenagers where the proper molding of a human being is of highest priority. For example the famous engineer Sonam.W from Laddakh, India has stated that he was taught by his own mother till he was 10 as he belonged to a where there was no school around 50-60kms. For him his mother was the only teacher and he gives all his credit to her for teaching him the right values plus molding to get accustom in whichever environment he would go in his life. However there are also some examples in which a teacher plays more important role than the parents. Consider the villages in India where the people are uneducated and the area itself is least developed. In such places teachers do most of the job in molding the future of the children by requesting thousand times to their parents to send their children to study rather than making them work. Sachin Tendulkar a legend in the field of the sport (cricket) was interested in bowling but when Tom Moody saw him batting he advised him to concentrate on his batting skills which was a boon to team India and also cricket as today he his idolized as a person and also for the milestones he achieved over 2 decades. Last but not the least, many people often say that the experiences that come in anyone’s life teach the most valuable things to a person than any other. This assertion is also a valid one as Edison who invented electric bulb failed one thousand times and he used different techniques in each attempt before the successful attempt. Hence we can say experience played a very important role for his invention. Also every student is advised to give practice tests before appearing for the actual examination or the actors rehearse before the actual shot so that they would do better and also know where they able to do the things on time as required. By practicing more we tend to find our own mistakes and also we try to rectify them. In my opinion there is no particular solution to this topic as different conditions may have different outcomes and we cannot deny that.

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