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Milk and dairy product

October 22nd, 2017

  In this argument ,the arguer concludes that a diet rich in dairy products may increase,instead of decreasing the risk of osteoporosis,alluding that we should limit the consume of such products for health's sake,To support this conclusion, the arguer cites the result of a study that those who have consisitantly consumed dairy products are more vulnerable than others to bone fracture,and fracture is a symptom of osteoporosis,hence more vulnerable to osteoporosis.It seems reasonable at first glance,a close examination with it ,however,will reveal several inherent flaws of it. In the first place ,the argument is based on a gratituous assumption that osteoporosis equals bone fracture,which is unwarrented.As we know ,there may be alternative reasons such as sports and traffic accidents that cause bone fracture.

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