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Stop smoking in public

November 9th, 2017

Are you a smoker? If so, why are you keep smoking? Are there any benefits to smoke a cigarette? Personally, I've never smoked in my life and I hate it. So, in my opinion, the rule people are not allowed to smoke in public spaces is good because of health, safety, and saving money. Firstly, smoking is not good for health. It causes a lot of illness, for example, decreasing lungs capacity, mouth trouble, and varieties of cancers. Smoking affects not only a person who is smoking but also other people who are around of smokers. Some researchers state that second smokers or third smokers are taken more bad effect than the smokers. So, the rule needs to protect the non-smokers health as well. Secondly, smoking is dangerous for children especially, when they smoke by walking. I heard the news many times that children hurt their faces because of the walking smokers. Smoking must forbid so that people live in safe. Lastly, this is a good aspect for smokers, they can save the money. Because a Tabaco tax is increasing day by day. If they are forbidden to smoke in public area, they decreased to an opportunity to smoke. That means they don't need to get it so often. Furthermore, they can decrease the risk of sickness, so it helps to save the medical fee in the future. In conclusion, because of the reasons that I mentioned above, I totally agreed with the rule that smokers don't have to smoke in public places. There are a lot of benefits for smokers and nonsmokers.

Make a decision

October 21st, 2017

People have to make a lot of decisions every day. Sometimes it is a small decision and sometimes it is a big one. But how to make an important decision people do? Personally, I make a decision with others because of following reasons. First, I can see more aspects by listening to others opinions. If I try to make a resolution by myself and choose a wrong way, who is realized me? Considering others idea is stopped me making a poor selection. Secondly, I can clear my idea by talking to others. In my experience, after talking to my friends or family about my worries, my idea is settled. It always helps me to come to a conclusion with confidence. Furthermore, this is a general story, people who especially are young people like students should never make an important decision alone. Because they don't have good enough experiences in their life. They need some advice from older so that they make up for their lack of life experience and knowledge. In conclusion, as I mentioned above because of the reasons, I totally agreed this state that a person should never make an important decision alone.


October 19th, 2017

If I get a chance to go a foreign country for two weeks, I want to go to Australia.There is a personal story why I choose Australia. When I was a child, I met an australian girl. She came to Japan for a summer project and she stayed my house during the summer. We are the same age and character so we got close easily. After she went back to Australia, we kept in thouch with each other. I really missed her. I deceided to go there to see her when I grow up. Then when I became 20 years old, I went to Australia. This was the first abroad trip for me. I saved money to get tickets and planned everything by myself. I remembered that I had a lot of feelings. I was excited to see her and her family but at the same time, I was nervous because I've never been to outside of Japan at that time. And also, I worried about if I can talk with her and her family in English. When we first time met, we were children so we didn't matter we couldn't speak either languages. But after growing up, we defenitly need to talk as an adult. I had learnd English since I was a child but I didnt't have a confidence. When I got to Australia, they really welcomed me to their home. I was relieved and I got love them soon. However, there was a problem that I exactly expected. I didn't talk to them so much. There were two reasons. Frist, my English was not good enough. Second, her family spoke in strong Australian accent. I've never heard an australina accent so I was suprised. But totally, I had an amazing experience during the stay thanks to them. After coming back to Japan from Australia, I decided that I should go there again but next time with fluently English. I've been studied Enlish hard, traveld a lot and made a lot of friends all over the world. So I think, now I'm ready to go to Australia and to see them again.

Why do you think people attend college or university ?

October 19th, 2017

There are totally different reasons that people attend college or university. But I state some reasons from my experience. I went to a pharmacy department in the university. People who go there have a big main reason that becomes a pharmacist. In my country, they go to the university for six years and they prepare for a national exam to get a pharmacy license. Most of the time, they focus on studying. Because they have to take a lot of classes all the day, do any amount of assignments and pass difficult exams to increase knowledge. When they get a pharmacy license, there are a lot of choices of career. This is the biggest reason that people attend university in my experience. However, six years is a long time. They naturally get lifelong friends by encouraging each other and sharing many memories. In my opinion, this is a very important aspect of the university life. Even if that is not a reason when they entranced to the university, it is getting to become a big reason. What I stated above is the reason that people attend college or university.

Parents are the best teacher

October 19th, 2017

In my experience, I can state my parents are the best teachers. There are three reasons why I think the way.

The answer of this statement depends on my own experience and life style. In my point of view, daily homework

October 11th, 2017

The answer of this statement depends on my own experience and life style. In my point of view, daily homework is necessary for students. Among countless factors which influence the choice, these are three conspicuous aspects as follows. The main reason is daily homework helps to review day's classes. Students take a lot of lessones in a day, so they need to review what they learned day by day. Most of the cases, daily homework is the main point in the class so it helps to understand for students. Another reason can be seen by every person is that students take to studying. They c an get how to study by keep studying everyday. And also, the ability of working constantly is important when they develop their career. Daily homework is the first step on that way. Furthermore, students can improve thier communication skills and understand more deeply by doing homework together with friends. When students help each other to slove problems, they try to understand others opinions and get to know new ideas. Thorough the discussing problems, they are going to be a flexible mind person. In short, daily homework is necessary for students so that they understand the subjects and improve their skills that needed in a society.

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